Messy Munchkins!


Last week in Daisies, the children have all been learning some new skills! There has been lots of new crawlers and some babies that are now able to pull themselves up to stand! They are so proud of their new skill and we try to encourage them to practice as much as possible throughout the day.

The babies have also been doing lots of building, making their own little towers using the wooden blocks and the cotton reels. Whenever their towers fell down the children would start again from scratch! It's lovely to see them keep trying even though it doesn't always go to plan!

Some of our older babies have started to show some great understanding too. If we ask them where the books are, they will crawl over to the book corner and choose a story from the book rack! They are also able to find their body parts. One little girl kept pointing to her nose for everything and one of the boys liked looking in the mirror and touching his head!

Daisies can't have a week without messy play! So, the babies have loved exploring the sand, oats and flour. They made lots of different marks and used the animals to make some great footprints!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


The children finished of a fun filled week by visiting the park. They had so much fun climbing, sliding and swinging!

Last week dragonflies have had a week of sensory play, which was great fun and very messy. The children started the week by exploring the texture of paint, when tabletop painting. They all had big smiles on their faces as they used their hands to mix and feel the paint. They made great marks in the paint with their fingers. Dragonflies also took the sensory play outside, playing with the variety of rattles and bottles. The children were fascinated by the glittery ones, especially as they shook them and letting them shine in the sun. The noisy sensory bottles were also firm favourites. The children shook them as hard as they could to make as much noise as they could.

Towards the end of the week Dragonflies had pink flour to play with. The children searched for the letters that were hidden with their hands, although some children decided it was more fun to sit in the tub and search for them! Dragonflies also had glittery shaving foam to play with and this time some children decided to use their sense of feel and taste. There were some funny faces made when they realised it didn't taste very nice! The children found hilarious to clap their hands and splatter the foam everywhere! You could continue sensory play at home by making scented and textured Playdoh or gloop.

Some of the older children showed good independence by going to their baskets and cleaning their hands with their flannels.

Have a great week!


Last week has been another busy week in Incy Wincy Spiders! The children have been focusing on their hand and eye coordination.

Incy Wincy's had enjoyed messy play, from shaving foam and spaghetti play in the garden to water beads and paint in the messy room. The children have been working on their mark making.

The children have loved getting the puzzles out again to carry on working on their hand and eye coordination. One of the children was picking up the puzzle piece and said the name of the piece (e.g. "tree") then pointed to where it needed to go then turned the puzzle piece until it fitted in.

Incy Wincys have also done some more baking last week. We made some cookies, saying what ingredients we had and then counting how many cups of flour, sugar, butter and chocolate chips we had, encouraging the children to begin using mathematical language. This is something you could continue at home too!

Finally, the children have been working on their mark making and pencil holding. The children have been gaining skills in their pencil grip. Some of the children have started to use the finger pencil grip (tripod grip).

Have a fabulous week!


Last week in Busy Birds was very creative!

The children got really involved with making different marks and exploring the various different approaches to arts and crafts. Creative play is a really good opportunity for children to explore freely and express their own feelings and thoughts safely.

The children also did some building using our large hollow blocks which gave them a nice opportunity to talk about sizes and learn to compare quantities.

Overall, lots of fun learning opportunities in Busy Birds last week we can't wait to see what the next holds!


Preschool started the week off learning about how plants grow and have planted some beans in jars to grow runner beans! The children talked about the different stages of growth as well as the different parts of a plant. For example, the root, shoot, seedling, bean plant then finally bean pod.

As the week went on Preschool have continued to work on their phonetic sounds and learning to write some letters too. They have begun recognising some letters in their name!

Towards the end of week, the children have been preparing for the chick’s arrival next week. Preschool have looked at and talked about how they arrive as eggs and hatch into chicks. They have also been looking at the life cycle of a hen, by colouring in the different stages, cutting them out and sorting them into the correct order.

Preschool of course ended the week by making delicious lemon cupcakes.

Have a lovely week!