The chicks have arrived!


Last week in Daisies, the children have been spending lots of time looking at books and they enjoyed celebrating world book day on Thursday. It was lovely to see the babies dressed up. Daisies had a dinosaur, Peter rabbit, the very hungry caterpillar and a narwhal! The grown-ups also had fun dressing up!

Daisies have also been spending lots of time playing with our sensory objects, using all the different mirrors to hide behind. It's lovely when the babies interact with us, and this is something that we encourage every day! This will help them to start playing alongside their peers.

Daisies have had lots of pretend play too, with the babies playing with the tea set. They liked pretending to drink from the jugs and eat all the food!

Have a good week!


Last week Dragonflies have been very busy and had lots of visitors.

The children started the week off singing lots of nursery rhymes - their favourite was ‘row, row’! They loved holding each other’s hands and rocking back and forth.

The children loved doing lots of puzzles and practising saying lots of the words! The younger children showed interest in copying the names of the puzzle pieces such as "tree, house, ball". We then encouraged them all to place the puzzle pieces in the correct places, most of the children showed very good control!! This will help with problem solving in the future!

Dragonflies had lots of visitors that came to see us on Thursday such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Winnie the witch, the white rabbit and a bear from Goldilocks! Some of the children were a little worried but loved them by the end of the day! We also had little visitors - Captain Underpants, an ocean from The Whale and the Snail’, 2 fairies and fox!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders have had a great week in the sun and rain. The children have loved being outside, jumping and running around.

Incy Wincys have been working on mark making, self-care and messy play. Some of the children this week have done some amazing pen control by holding their pen using three fingers (tripod grip).

Incy Wincys have been helping us with dressing and undressing themselves. Some of the children can take their coats and all in ones off by themselves now! The children also had a great time dressing up for world book day. We had a ladybird, tiger, crocodile and funny bones!

The children had an amazing time exploring the shaving foam, rice, pasta and spaghetti. They were making marks and clapping their hands making the shaving foam splash everywhere.

Have a great week!


Last week in Busy Birds was so exciting!

Busy Birds have had lots of fun exploring different textures through the week. This began with some good old fashion gloop! We made this a couple times with different colours to help us learn colours as well as new descriptive words. The children also got to explore hand painting, shaving foam and play dough.

The children have also been exploring different movements. Busy Birds constantly do lots of singing, and lots of dancing and physical activity through it the week. The children worked a bit on their core strength and balancing with Paul and exercise, stretching and interactive nursery rhymes with Emily.

Finally, Busy Birds wrapped up their week by going to see the chicks in preschool! This was so exciting, and our little birds were brave and held one of the chicks and did some great listening when we spoke about how the chicks hatch, grow and would get bigger!

What a great week in Busy Birds!


A lovely week in Preschool. One of the most exciting moments during the year came to Preschool - The chicks are here! Over the last couple of weeks, we have been talking with the children about them, their arrival and the hen cycle life. They were really looking forward to watching them! Finally, they come on Tuesday but until Wednesday we couldn't see them! Preschool enjoyed looking at the hatching and how the chicks come out of the egg. They enjoyed holding them as well! Their smiling faces were lovely to watch!

Preschool have been observing the beans that we planted the other week as well. Some of them have grown and the children have been watering them. They understand that we need to water them for the plants to be able to grow.

On Thursday it was Book Day. Preschool enjoyed dressing up like their favourite characters and listening to a lot of stories during the day.

To finish the week, the children made some cupcakes and enjoyed the sunshine playing on the climbing dome.

Have a lovely week!