Mess, mess and more mess!


Last week in Daisies, the children have been practising their communication skills! The older babies are getting very good at saying 'ta' whenever they get a snack. One little boy will point around the room and say 'ook', telling us to look at everything, and another is getting very good at his animal sounds, making the correct noises for a cow, sheep and duck!

Daisies have also been getting messy as always! The babies loved the shaving foam, doing lots of exploring. They enjoyed using their hands and feet to make marks, as well as mixing the foam in with the pasta and oats.

Daisies also did some drawing, doing very well at holding the pens, and they made some lovely handprints too! Some babies loved the feel of the paint on their hands, squeezing it to see how it felt, but others were not too sure about it!

Have a good week!


Last week Dragonflies have been taking advantage of the lovely weather. The children spent so much time in the garden and set up a building activity on the turf tray outside.

The adults encouraged the children to build their own structures and towers, developing their fine motor skills. Dragonflies also encouraged the children to talk about what colours the building blocks were - some children were able to name the colours when they were pointed at!

Dragonflies were also lucky enough to take several visits to The Preschool room where they had some chicks! The children loved going to see them and some were even brave enough to stroke them.

Dragonflies have also been focusing on dressing routines. The children have been encouraged to be more independent when getting ready for the garden and trying their best to take off their own coats and shoes. They have all done so well, even though they do sometimes put their wellies on the wrong feet!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Incy Wincy Spiders had a busy week last week.

The children have done lots of exploring in the garden. They have been climbing all areas of the garden, exploring in the water and filling and emptying the buckets with sand.

Incy Wincys have been exploring textures in the sensory room, feeling the fabrics that are on the walls and in containers.

Incy Wincys have loved looking at books, which has been great for the children to express themselves with what books they like and also repeating some of the words too.

Have a great week!


Last week in Busy Birds was so much fun!

The children took part in a wide variety of different activities. This began with some simple mark making exploring the different marks we could create using a variety of paint brushes.

The children also explored the small world toys. This helped the children learn to play alongside each other, taking turns and playing in small groups which also helped to develop language.

As the week came to an end, Busy Birds celebrated sports relief by doing climbing, jumping and lots of physical activity in the garden!

Have a great week!


Preschool have had a great week!

Preschool started off the week doing lots of maths as the children have shown an interest in counting and comparisons between amount; using the words 'more's and 'less' to describe them.

The children have also been improving their fine motor skills. Some of the children have really enjoyed trying to write their own name; some of them completing their whole name and others only writing some letters, which was brilliant! As well as practising their names, they have also done a lot of mark making and using a variety of materials for this; paint, pencils, pens and playdough.

On Friday it was sports relief and we saw lots of different athletes attend Preschool. All the outfits were amazing. Sadly, we also had to say goodbye to the chicks as they go back to see their mummies and daddies.

Hope you had a great weekend!