Summer sunshine!


The Annexe was a little hot last week, so we had lots of water out. The children loved whizzing down the slide into a pool of water! They all showed how good they were at taking turns and waiting patiently behind one another. One little boy learnt how to scoop up water using the pots and cups, this kept him very busy for long periods of time until he learnt how to throw it at the adults! Quiet a nice surprise!

The children have been focusing on their physical development, especially the younger children. One little girl was able to bang two toys together and create lots of noise, while another little girl was practising her walking with an adult while her friend helped.

The older children have adapted really well to their new friends and are giving our lots of love to the younger ones. They will give cuddles, pass toys, and even try to help them through to breakfast!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Birds has been full of fun and lots of opportunities to learn outside!

The children have been practising their self-care and independence with putting on and taking off their own shoes and tidying up after themselves before lunch time. Everyone has done so great with this!

The children have also been exploring their balancing and jumping skills during our time in the garden. This really helps with the children building their core strength.

Finally, the children of Busy Birds have spent many a moment singing lots of nursery rhymes. Their favourite last week was defiantly baby shark!

Have a great week!


Preschool have enjoyed the sunshine last week, spending most of our time outside both in the front and back garden with lots of water play and water fights! The children have been on lots of bug hunts. They even found crickets in the front garden! Preschool talked about different bugs and where they live.

The children have been focusing on their turn taking skills with playing lots of games and using the sand timers to help us know when to take turns to share a toy. The children have also been enjoyed playing hairdressers, pretending to shampoo, blow dry and brush each other’s hair and talking about how and why our hair is different from others.

Preschool enjoyed listening to the thunder towards the end of the week (after waiting all week for the thunderstorm). They then all enjoyed when the rain came and loved running around getting wet and jumping in the puddle.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!