Creative minds, Messy hands!


This week the Annexe have been super messy non-stop!

The children started the week off doing lots of chalk drawing in the garden creating lots of marks especially when the chalk got wet from the rain, it made even better marks! The children showed off their control while holding the chalk using a whole hand grip.

The toddlers have also been practising wiping their own faces and hands and even finding their own tray by looking for their faces. One little boy wanted to go around and wipe the babies faces too!

The babies loved getting involved with the toddlers by doing some body painting. The toddlers showed off how they could create footprints, while we encouraged the babies to make handprints!

To end the week, we enjoyed placing animals in the sand to encourage pretend play but also hiding and finding different toys. The babies really enjoyed the texture, and some had to try a little.

All the children had lots of fun fruit tasting also. Their favourite was definitely the banana. They weren't so sure on the exotic fruits!

Have a lovely long weekend!


This week has been bittersweet as we say goodbye to some of our friends who are going to Preschool. Nonetheless, we have been little Busy Birds!

The children began the week by exploring the different musical instruments to brighten up the day. They also experimented with different textures, such as pasta, rice and lentils.

By the middle of the week, Busy Birds have baked some scones - exercising our gross motor and pouring skills at the same time! The children continued this outside practising their throwing and catching using balls in the garden!

Towards the end of the week, the children practised their fine motor skills by using tongs, painting and drawing with pencil grip, constructed many towers together, and of course we got super messy with shaving foam and water play!

Hope everyone has a wonderful bank holiday weekend!


We have had a very productive week in Preschool this week!

Although the weather wasn't the best this week the children enjoyed out time inside a lot by doing lots of messy play such as playdough. They enjoyed playing this and making 'snails'; this also helps improve their fine motor skills.

When the weather has been acceptable, Preschool spent a lot of time outside to make the most of it. The children have enjoyed exploring around the front garden and looking for all the creatures they can find and explaining where they live and what they eat.

In addition to this we have been doing phonics to encourage the children to recognise and link the letters of the alphabet to the sound they made. They also matched the letter to the correct picture in a board game they played in groups; this also encouraged turn taking amongst themselves.

Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend!