Autumn sunshine


This week the Annexe have been doing all sorts of different activities!

We started the week off doing an assault course the children had to step over the stepping stones, and then step up a big block to them climb up the slide! They all had so much fun and this was amazing for their physical development but also their patience. This activity encouraged taking turns and supported the children to become more confident and independently walking across on their own!

The Annexe then did some Apple painting where some of the children were confused why we used yummy apples! The children had so much fun creating new marks with different colours but when new shapes also.

We have been visiting the front garden a lot and having our tea out there. We see the children get so excited and become wild out there which we love! We will continue this and will post pictures to tapestry!

We have been getting a little low on family photos so please bring some in for your children to see each day, but also feel free to post them on tapestry so we can print them!

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Busy Birds has been all about building friendships!

>p>For children, friendship is a vital part of their mental, physical and social development. Children require opportunities to play together in order to form bonds of friendship. Through friendships, children learn how to negotiate with others in social situations. Friendships during early childhood are a vital part of a child’s emotional growth and promote good mental health. Through friendship and play, toddlers and young children learn to interpret social cues and learn to interact with others.

To encourage this Busy Birds have taken part in lots of different small group activities from free play in the time play corner, to looking at shapes through sustained construction activities and small group ball games in the garden.

In Busy Birds we have also continued our artistic ways with some free drawing this week. Children can’t always express themselves using words and actions, so drawing is another important form of communication. You can gain an insight into your child’s thoughts and feelings through their drawings. Being able to express what they feel also boosts a child’s emotional intelligence.

What a great week we have had in Busy Birds!


Preschool waved goodbye to the few remaining school children at the beginning of the week. We wish them all the best for their next adventure.

The children have had a lovely, chilled week in Preschool this week. They have been talking lots about autumn and how the leaves are changing and falling off the trees. This then led to discussing conkers and acorns. One child said, “Autumn is so beautiful”.

The children have baked lots of vanilla and chocolate fairy cakes (after we took all the eggshell out!) They were very yummy!

There has been lots of water play this week. The children enjoyed washing the babies in lots of soap. This then turned into role play playing mums and dads.

The children have also enjoyed colouring and drawing this helps with their fine motor skills. One child was colouring a rabbit and told me she had rabbits at home and asked if I had any and I replied “no I have a guinea pig” she then said “oh careful they bite! I hope you have it in a cage”.

Have a great weekend!