Yummy treats


We hope you had a lovely weekend! This week in the Annexe we have welcomed so many new friends that are starting their full days! They have been doing amazingly and have done super well on their settling in process.

The children have been practising independence last week which has been going really well. They have all been practising taking their jackets off, socks and shoes, so if you find a pair of socks on the floor that may be our fault. As you can imagine 15 pairs of shoes and socks on the floor is all fun and games!

We have also been encouraging more communication by starting off with sounds when playing. So last week we encouraged "Choo choo" and " brm" with the cars and trains. The children had so much fun with this activity especially the younger ones as they were able to pull themselves to stand and push the trains around.

We will be doing lots of artwork this week for our displays so you may receive some lovely artwork in their bags!

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Bird's was very exciting and equally hot!

Last week in Busy Bird's we have focused on physical activities, especially building our core strength through activities that encourage the children to move in different ways such as obstacle courses.

Core strength is the development of the torso muscles that stabilise, align, and move the body. Poor core strength can cause poor posture which can also affect gross motor and fine motor skills. Building strong core strength is like building a strong foundation.

Last week in Busy Birds the children have also been joining in some baking! The children helped Bailey to make some marble cakes. Having children participate with cooking meals or snacks helps them make better eating choices and try new things. It also introduces children to the cooking process and how things change from one thing into another through cooking or baking. Picky eaters are also more apt to try the foods they have cooked themselves.

During our quieter moments, the children have enjoyed one to one time with the adults having stories and exploring technology toys.

What a lovely week we had in Busy Birds!


Last week Preschool made some yummy gingerbread men. The children helped to weigh out and pour the ingredients. Some children even gave their gingerbread man a name, one was called Fred! The children have also been looking at different shapes in different sizes around.

Preschool have done lots of storytelling. The children enjoyed listening to the stories of the three little pigs, Jack and the beanstalk and Goldilocks and the three bears. The children then had great fun retelling the stories to adults over the week.

At the end of week, Preschool had a small group of children, so we took a walk down to the park! They had great fun exploring and some of the children even went on the zip wire!

Have a lovely weekend!