Messy Munchkins


Last week in the Annexe, the children had lots of fun with messy play. The children have loved creating their favourite nursery rhymes using tissue paper, paint and glue. They also enjoyed doing lots of animal painting where the children got to pick their own animal and make all kinds of prints onto the paper as well as body painting and getting very messy!

The children have also loved pretend play this week, learning how to cook with flour and the new pots and pans and washing up once they had finished. Alongside that the children have had fun pretending bath theirs babies, feed them a bottle and put them to bed.

The Annexe have also going outside in sorts of weather! The children were outside a lot last week and they have loved having their wellies on and jumping in all the puddles.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Bird's, the children had so much fun.

Last week Busy Birds have been continuing to develop their independence with dressing themselves and spreading their own butter and pouring their own milk. We also spent some time taking about hygiene, and why it is so important to wash our hands before mealtimes.

The children’s friendships have been continuing to develop. Through childhood friendships, children learn how to understand what others are feeling and how their actions can impact others. Friendship teaches children empathy which is a valuable life skill that helps them understand why someone is experiencing a particular feeling.

Last week Busy Bird's also made some lovely cinnamon biscuits in Halloween shapes! During our baking experience we spoke to the children about the scent, look and texture of the dough. This introduced new descriptive words into their vocabulary.

As the cooler weather has come in, Busy Birds have begun to see some fantastic jumpers and cardigans. But we would like to remind that as the cooler and wetter weather has begun to make an appearance coats are beginning to be needed as well as jumpers and welly boots and puddle suits are always handy!

Have a great week!


The children had a busy week in Pre-school. They have focused on their fine motor skills by practising their cutting skills. The children were able to cut out a variety different shapes by the end of the week! Preschool also been focusing on their maths this week and counting from 1-10 using our animal counters this then turned into the children building a zoo!

The children have been putting on lots of shows for us last week, someone was evening showing us their ballet moves and then Preschool had a robot dance.

The children have enjoyed being outside as always. They have all been interested in balls either playing football or throwing them. This is great for the development of their gross motor skills.

Preschool have also been working on self-care and letting the children dress themselves which helps with their independence.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!