National Nursery Rhyme week!


We've had lots of fun in the Annexe last week.

The children have been working on what is theirs and what is someone else's. The children have been finding their friends shoes and giving it to them. The children were also putting their shoes back in their basket when taking them off after garden time.

The children enjoyed doing some baking with pouring in the ingredients and mixing them all. It has helped them with their coordination with mixing and pouring skills.

Last week, the children have had lots of fun running around the garden after each other and is adults.

It was nursery rhyme week and the children have been having lots of fun joining in with the actions. We have been encouraging the children to tell us what song they would like to sing. We had lots of "baabaa" and of course " twinkle! "

Have a lovely week.


Busy Birds have had a lovely week!

The children made some yummy cakes earlier on in the week. They were very helpful in pouring and mixing the ingredients together. And of course, they loved the taste of them!

Busy Birds have been very active throughout the week and have been practicing their climbing and balancing on an obstacle course which they helped to make together. The children are making some lovely friendships in Busy Birds and have been showing really caring behaviour towards each other, such as holding their friends’ hand on the obstacle course.

We got very messy making gloop in the middle of the week! The children loved exploring the texture and they got extremely messy!

To celebrate National Nursery Rhyme week, Busy Birds have been having some more small group time doing things such as singing songs and reading stories. The children’s favourite rhymes are ‘Wheels on the Bus’, and ‘Leo the lion’. They love to join in with the actions!

Have a lovely weekend!


Last week in Preschool, the children made rice crispy cakes. During this they worked on their measuring skills and their health and self-care - washing hands and cleaning workstations. Preschool also made playdough. This also worked on the children’s measuring skills and strengthening their finger muscles to help with controlling a pencil.

The children did lots of junk modelling to build their imagination and practise controlling the scissors and how to be safe with scissors. Preschool did puzzles too which helps build problem solving skills and teamwork.

In the garden Preschool enjoyed making lots of obstacle courses to help develop their gross motor skills and confidence in balancing. The children also had out the bikes and trikes, to build their gross motor skills, turn taking skills and confidence.

Have a great week!