Learning self-care


Last week in the Annexe the children had great fun getting messy with paint and glue, exploring the texture of it with their hands! They also enjoyed making bits of craft using all different parts of their body.

We have been encouraging the children in becoming more independent in their self-care by encouraging them to clean their own faces and hands at mealtimes. This helps them with their personal hygiene as well as helping them in becoming more confident and independent.

The children also enjoyed getting stuck in with some baking. They enjoyed pouring in the mixture and stirring all the ingredients together. The children then enjoyed tucking into the cakes!

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds was full of imagination!

We have seen lots of role play. Some of the children have got really involved in the role play kitchen pretending to cook food and then serve it out to their friends. Imaginative play is so important to early childhood play as it gives the children the basis for working out things they do not understand and learning to express their thoughts and feelings creatively.

Last week in Busy Birds, the children have also been exploring our book corner. We have been encouraging the children to think about the structure of the stories and talk not only about what is happening but suggest how the story might end.

Busy Birds have continued to build their independence as well with some children mastering changing their own clothes and others mastering putting on their own shoes.

Finally, throughout the week Busy Birds have been working on being kind and why it it's important to be kind to each other. They have done this by helping each other with things like putting on shoes and offering comfort to each other.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Preschool, the children have been getting very creative with lots of Christmas crafts which is good for their fine motor and creativity skills. The children are very excited about Christmas and had lots of fun decorating the Preschool Christmas tree altogether.

Preschool have also been focusing on their phonics, letters and sounds together. Through doing small group work and during free flow play this is helping them to develop their literacy and communication skills.

The children’s favourite toy this week has been the cogs and gears. They have enjoyed putting them together to make different structures and to make sure they all work together. This is supporting them in further developing their fine motor skills and problem solving.

In the garden Preschool have enjoyed building and taking part in obstacle courses.

Have a great week!