Merry Christmas from Munchkins!


This week in the Annexe we have been really enjoying the wet weather! The children have been suited and booted head to toe so they can splash in the puddles. A group of children explored the front garden and were very well behaved. They all loved seeing the fish and watching how they swam around the pond. The children have all shown good control when squatting and using their thumb and figure grip to pick up the leaves. Watch out for our artwork next week!

The children have all loved jumping up and down in the puddles in the garden this week. They have also really enjoyed riding and pushing the cars and bikes through the puddles and watching all the water splash up the sides and then running away laughing with each other.

Some of the children have also loved doing some messy play with the paint and using the rollers to make some pretty paintings to decorate the room. This has supported all the children to developing the muscles for their tripod grip.

The children have also been getting in the Christmas spirit by doing some dancing and wearing some tinsel. They have also loved seeing the Christmas tree when they go in and out of the room and saying tree and star when they walk past.

Have a great weekend and a lovely Christmas!


This week in Busy Birds has been all about encouraging friendships.

Over the last few months, we have seen the lovely early formation of friendships within our room. It has been so lovely to witness, some friendships came with children from other rooms while others formed while settling back in after lockdown.

This week the children have been helping each other with balancing and jumping in the garden by holding each other’s hands and counting with each other before jumping.

This week we have been fostering bonds with the adults in the room as well as the children which has brought about some very funny conversations, mostly about Christmas! Some of the children have been thinking about what they want from Santa this year, this ranged from things like a bike (purple one to be precise) to a penguin.

Busy Birds have also been doing since small group work this week with messy play, baking activities and other fun things!

Have a lovely weekend and for those who have left for Christmas break have a very lovely Christmas!


This week in preschool we have a lot of wet and windy days meaning we spent a lot of time practicing putting on our coats and wellington boots, making sure we keep ourselves nice and dry! This has supported the children in becoming more independent in their self-care.

Preschool have been doing some baking this week and the children helped make both cakes and biscuits as well as lots of small world play. The children have also enjoyed doing loads of mark making with the chalk and playdough.

Have a lovely weekend and merry Christmas!