Happy New Year!


Happy New year from the annexe! We hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Last week, the children have been focusing on their physical development as some of the younger children are SO close to walking! In the garden they have been non-stop using the walkers to use their little legs and make their muscles stronger. The older children have been focusing on catching and kicking the balls. This has helped with their balance but also their coordination.

We have been encouraging all the children to learn their independence with everyday things. The children started off with practising placing their gloves and hats on. One little girl started putting her splash suit on but placed her legs in her arm holes! The children all enjoyed giving this a go and were so happy. When coming back inside the children seemed to find taking their clothing off easier and were able to take at least one item off independently.

The children have also been working on their fine motor skills using pencils and crayons to create many marks when drawing. This is one activity the children really enjoy and could do all day if they were able to!! We have seen some amazing improvements and progression after Christmas, and we are feeling so proud of our little Munchkins!

Have a lovely week!


Busy Birds have had a wonderful first week back! We have had some new friends join us from the Annexe and they have settled in nicely and everyone is showing really friendly behaviour!

Busy Birds started off the week by getting stuck in with messy play straight away! The children explored mixing the prime colours together and seeing how they change. They also had lots of fun making and playing with playdough!

Busy Birds have been keen bakers this week! The children have made cakes and shortbread biscuits. Baking is a great opportunity for the children to practice their pouring skills and turn taking.

Throughout the week the children have been enjoying stories, both independently and in small groups!

Busy Birds finished off the week with another messy day involving shaving foam! The children explored the texture and even did some mark making in it. Some of the children were able to draw circles and different shapes!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Happy New Year to you all. The children in Preschool were very excited to return after Christmas. They were all excited to tell us what they got!

At the beginning of the week, Preschool really enjoyed getting involved with some water colour painting. This helps with their fine motor skills and allows for the children to explore mixing colours and how they change.

The children also enjoyed making lots of playdough – a different colour each time! This supporting them with developing their measuring skills as well as their moving and handling skills by using tools correctly and safely.

At the end of the week the children got very messy with gloop! Preschool also had great fun with textures such as the shredded paper, rice and pasta. The children loved sprinkling it all over Preschool!

Have a great week!