Outdoor fun


We hope you have had a lovely week, as we have had a wonderful time at nursery.

In the Annexe, the children have been working on becoming independent. They have been working on washing their hands in the sink as well as being able to use their flannels. The older children were very confident in stepping up onto the steps and using soap. While the younger children needed a little bit of help. The children have also started to realise that when a staff member brings their coats in, it's garden time - which gets them very excited! Some of the children are now able to get their own coats and even try and put them on which is really nice to see, but sometimes need a bit of help as we get an arm in a leg hole or a leg in an arm hole, which the children find hilarious. One of the children have been using their own initiative and decided to put their yogurt pot in the bin when they were finished. After a few of their friends saw this they started to follow and help which is lovely to see!

Also, in the Annexe we have created a sensory den with all the children, which of course has been a favourite area to play in last week. We have hung lights all around the den, so the children have loved sitting in it and climbing in and out. This has also been a fun hiding place for the children, when we call them to have their nappies changed, but it hasn't just been the children enjoying the den, the staff have too. Especially sitting in it to sing songs with the children. Maybe you could have a go at den building at home!

Have a wonderful week!


Last week in Busy Birds was hugely maths based.

The children have enjoyed some small group work with Sarah doing puzzles, we have been using this time to really learn about patterns, matching pictures and of course sharing! The children did great and seem to have mastered all the harder puzzles even the big floor ones! We have also been using our abacus a lot in Busy Birds last week. This has helped the children with their counting 1-10 and some even beyond!

Along with numbers we are beginning to teach the children to recognise letters also. Last week we did that with the first letters of their name. Each child got their letters drawn by Serena and then decorated them with fun things like glitter!

As always Busy Birds have been working on being independent. Some of the younger children have mastered pouring their own drinks, spreading their own butter and of course, tidying up after themselves!

Last week in Busy Birds the doll’s house has also been a favourite, the children use it to make believe and some have even used it with animals!

Finally, the children have been getting more active with Emily! Emily busted out a Joe Wicks work out with the children and got them all moving. As you can imagine, this led to some very tired Busy Birds!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


We had a wonderful week last week in Preschool. The children enjoyed making lots of different obstacle courses inside and worked on their gross motor skills, practising their balancing and jumping. The children then used their imagination and turned this into building houses, airplanes and cars!

The children have enjoyed doing different sized puzzles this helps them problem solve. The children have also been carrying on their interest in painting and playdoh. Towards the end of the week, Preschool began to show interest in looking at space and the different planets, and this will carry on into this week.

Preschool ended up having a birthday party as it was a couple of the children's birthdays and as we can't celebrate like we normally would at home with family and friends we decided to do it here! The children had great fun dancing with their friends and singing ‘Happy Birthday’!

Have a great week!