Munchkins explorers


Independence is key with our Annexe children and they are loving it! We started off the week by encouraging the children to go to the sink to wash their hands. This has been a massive hit and they are able to line up so nicely and cheering on their friends once they have washed their hands. We have also been including the children with setting up, so the children are setting up their own chairs and helping their friends with theirs.

We have been trying out making dens, which the children have been super excited for. This time we placed the farm den together and placed lights inside. Some children were in there for a long time and maybe some adults!

In the Annexe, we are encouraging more communication by encouraging different sounds such as "mmmm" or "bbbaa" which helps the children to continue developing their speech. We have also noticed the children are more confident if they don't have their comforters during play time, they seem so much more confident and are able to wonder around with nothing in their hands. This also helps their communication by using more eye contact and again using more sounds.

The children have been doing a lot of chatting about our mummies and daddies and soon to be siblings as we have a few expecting. One little girl told us that "mummy has a baby in tummy".

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds began with new displays!

The children began the week by talking about the things that made them happy and sad with Kate. First, they talked about what happy and sad means. When we laugh it makes us happy when we cry it makes us sad. Then the children took some time to think about what makes them feel these things. One little boy said. "Daddy." When asked why daddy makes him happy, he replied. "Daddy makes me laugh." When thinking about the things that make us sad one little girl says. "I feel sad when I fall over." When asked why she said. "Because I hurt myself when I fall over."

Through the start of the week the children also helped to make play dough with Bailey. They explored squashing it and rolling it into balls helping to develop their fine motor skills and strength in their hands. We also did a bit of number work when doing our counting caterpillar puzzle! This helped our little birds work on counting and number recognition to.

Towards the end of the week the children engaged in some role play with Sarah. This month we were all about the hairdressers. The children engaged in some open-ended role play pretending to wash, colour and cut each other’s hair. Next month will see the beginnings of a new role play theme tailored around the changing interests of the children.

Have a great week!


Last week in Preschool we have been carrying on our interest in space, but we have linked this to maths too and looked at 3D shapes. The children enjoyed talking about the properties of each shape, then looked around to see if we could find shapes in the environment. The children also had a go at trying to make 2D and 3D shapes with playdough.

The children also made pizza last week. They helped to measure the ingredients and make the dough this supports their holding and pouring of jugs. The children then used their fine motor skills to hold knifes safely to cut peppers, ham, pepperoni and cheese to put on top. Preschool then enjoyed this for tea (once Robbie put the cooker on the right setting!).

Preschool have also done more phonics, moving on to two letters but one sound. This helps to map sounds into spelling and then develop and improve word recognition.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!