Physical exploration


Last week in the Annexe we started off the week with listening to nursery rhymes and doing some dancing.

The Annexe then had a big move over to the Munchkins building where we have been exploring some new surroundings and playing with new toys. The children have been enjoying playing in the front garden looking at the plants and nature. They loved slipping and sliding on the mud too when playing in the wooden hut and splashing in the puddle they found which they thought was very funny! The children were very fascinated by looking at the fish.

The children in the Annexe have been very interested in listening to some stories with us and have enjoyed joined in with bits of the books that they know. The children have been dressing up and not only that the adults too!

We also been got messy towards the end of the week playing with shaving foam making different marks in it. The children have also loved playing in the water play and throwing the water balloons into the water and watching it make a big splash.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds has been all about kindness!

Throughout the week we have encouraged and modelled kindness to the children. It began with the forming of new friendships. Some of children have been making really nice bonds with each other thorough games and finding mutual things they enjoy.

The children have also been helping each other in various ways. Some children have tried to help their peers put their shoes on while others have gone out of their way to cheer their peers up by reading stories together.

Last week in Busy Birds, the children's favourite thing has been out big floor puzzles, in fact we have done them so much one of the little boys has completely mastered all of them!

Finally, it wouldn't be a Busy Birds week without a bit of baking! Last week we made bread rolls and even a bit of pizza!

What a great week we had!


Last week in Preschool, the children had lots of fun. They have made huge marble runs in the garden room with guttering. This was also carried on outside too with bigger balls and water.

The children helped Robbie to bake some biscuits - they were rather yummy. This supports children with their holding and pouring of jugs, measuring skills and using tools safely.

Preschool have also been working on their Maths skills talking about more and less and counting beyond 10 and even 20 as well as recognising numbers on a number line.

Towards the end of the week, the children made papier mache to make planets to put on our space themed wall (I think Robbie enjoyed this more than the children).

We have also been talking lots about rules of Preschool: about not running inside, making sure we are washing our hands, being kind and most importantly HAVE FUN! As that is what Preschool is all about.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.