Mess, mess and more mess!


Last week in the Annexe, the children have enjoyed being creative by doing some painting and some drawing. They also enjoyed getting messy by doing some mark making in the shaving foam and flour we had out. They loved making different patterns in the shaving foam and pushing the animals through it. Some of the children also did some table painting and enjoyed spreading the paint all over the table and making different patterns to then transferring it on to the paper.

The children have also enjoyed doing some role play using the babies. The children were enjoying pretending to feed the babies. They were also putting the babies on the potty and stroking the babies backs to get them to sleep in the cot. Some of the children then went on to do the same to their friends and stroke their back and face.

We also brought the climbing frame inside last week and put the ball pit at the bottom which all of the children have loved playing on. They have all enjoyed standing at the top of the climbing frame and shouting and laughing at all of us and their friends and then whizzing down the slide. We have also been encouraging them to climb up the climbing frame steps with some help and then crawl down backwards safely.

Have a great week!


Last week in Busy Birds was so exciting! The children had so much fun.

The children have continued to work on their independence especially at mealtimes. Some of the children have completely mastered this and are now able to manage things like spreading butter on their toast and pouring their own drinks. It is also a good chance for them to show their own interests when picking what to eat.

Last week our Busy Birds have also been doing some exploring of textures. Emily made some coloured rice which have the children a great chance to practice filling and emptying and exploring colours and descriptive words.

In Busy Birds, Sarah has been growing cress and teaching the children the importance of taking care of living things and the world around us which we be continuing in the weeks to come.

The children have also been showing kindness to each other by helping to find shoes, comforting sad friends and continuing to build friendships through common interests such as musical instruments!

Finally, it wouldn't be a week in Busy Birds without a little baking! Last week the children tried their hand at making banana flapjack. Each child took turns helping Bailey to mix ingredients and it all went down a treat!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week Preschool have finished off their papier mache planets and started to paint them. The children have really enjoyed creating their planets and are looking forward to the finished product!

Preschool have learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year. At the beginning of the week, the children made dragon masks. They used scissors to cut the masks out and enjoyed wearing the masks for the rest of the afternoon. Towards the end of the week, the children tried some Chinese foods, such as spring rolls, prawn crackers and some noodles. Preschool talked about the different flavours that they could taste.

The children have been really excited about the very little snow we had but enjoyed making the tiniest snowballs to throw at Robbie, practising their throwing with little balls.

Preschool did some story telling of classic fairy tales last week too. The children acted the story out and then had to tell us what happens next.

Preschool also worked on their maths skills counting on their fingers in order to 10 and beyond. The children then looked at numbers on a number line to see if they could recognise the numbers.

Preschool also enjoyed experimenting with the musical instruments and learnt about how sounds can be changed.

Have a great week.