Exploring Outdoors


It has been a wonderful and sunny week for the children in the Annexe. They have enjoyed getting in the garden and enjoying the sun. They even enjoyed eating some tea in the sun! As we were sat down the children had noticed that a few birds were flying over keeping an eye on their tea!

The Annexe have also been learning about children's nappies and some of the children are using a potty. We have been developing their understanding on what is inside their nappies and also learning the names so they can start to tell us if they have done a wee or a poo.

In the week middle of the week, the children liked doing some car washing with their friends. The children watched us fill the bucket up with soapy water and rushed over to join in. They loved filling the sponges with water and dipping them in and out of the bucket, brushing the sponges over the cars and cleaning the seats and wheels.

In the Annexe the children have loved getting involved in some messy play. They have gotten very messy in the flour and mixing all the powder paint into it to make lots of pretty colours. All the children also explored the different marks in the flour and even covering all of us in the flour too. The children also liked getting involved in doing some baking. They all liked getting involved in the mixing and pouring all the ingredients into the bowl.

Have a lovely week! Don't forget this Thursday (4th) is World Book Day so come dressed up as your favourite book character!


Last week Busy Birds have been very physically active!

We have really taken advantage of the sunnier, warmer days and spending a lot of time in the garden. During our time outside, the children have been doing some balancing and obstacle courses to help build up some of their core muscles and learn to balance more and fall less. Busy Birds also did some jumping and learned how to safely jump without hurting ourselves, or falling. The children did really well and learned quickly how to jump and land safely.

Last week Busy Birds have done lots of baking too! The children made cupcakes and for the first time the children helped Bailey to make mini quiches! This went down very well and gave the children a great opportunity to learn to take turns and share.

Finally, we have continued to foster an interest in numbers through play with number caterpillars and stacking number blocks. This has helped some of our little bird’s master counting in order to 10.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Last week Preschool focused on turn taking and sharing with our friends by playing turn taking games and waiting patiently for our turn. The children did this by using sand timers if there is a toy they wanted but someone else was playing with it. Turn taking is important skill for children to develop positive relationships and develop good social skills.

Preschool also carried on with storytelling. We told them the story of the Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children then acted this out with props.

We made some gloop and the children moulded and manipulated the gloop into what shapes they wanted. This helps with the development fine motor skills and coordination. This also helps building the children’s language develop using descriptive words like, gooey, slimy, wet and runny.

At the end of the week, Preschool looked at what happens when they mix colours together, starting with primary colours. This also helps with problem solving trying to figure out what to do when a colour doesn't turn out the colour that they wanted it.

Have a great week.