World Book Day 2021


Last week in the Annexe we have been reading lots of books, getting ready for World Book Day. The children have enjoyed reading the different books, pointing out the characters and the different animals.

Towards the start of the week in the Annexe, the children have enjoyed playing with the soft play especially the younger ones. They have loved using it to put themselves up and being able to stand up and look at their friends. The children have also really enjoyed doing some drawing. They loved making different marks on the paper and trying to draw the shapes we were drawing.

The Annexe children were most excited on Thursday for World Book Day. We had a different range of costumes ranging from Mr happy to the Gruffalo. It was a fantastic effort from all the children and staff. The children loved being able to dress up as their favourite characters and bringing their favourite book to nursery with them.

At the end of the week in the Annexe, the children loved getting out for a run about. They most enjoyed getting out to see the fish in the front garden. They loved pointing out the fish when spotted one swimming by.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Last week in Busy Birds has been lots of fun!

The children have continued with their exploring of physical activities, learning to use the bikes and taking part in various physically based fun such as dancing and obstacle courses.

As always, Busy Birds did some painting too. This activity was about helping the children to recognise how colours can be combined to make new ones.

Our week in Busy Birds also included World Book Day, which brought with it some amazing costumes. We had an Elmer, Tigger, princess and even a few Gruffalos! Of course, this meant lots of reading throughout the week. Our favourite story of the week was 'sometimes I feel sunny’, which helped give our little Birds a view into feelings and gave us the chance to talk about what makes us happy, sad or even angry.

Have a great week!


Last week Preschool have had lots of fun exploring. The children were playing with the bikes in the garden, moving around at quick speeds! They were taking turns by using the sand timer. We also got water play out, and the children were pretending to make food and drinks to give to their friends.

Preschool have been talking about the body, learning about where each body parts are. Some of the children knew where some of their organs are! We looked at our body’s pointing out the different parts. The children did more ninja training, moving through the string to get from one side to the other. One child said, "oh that was really hard but so much fun".

The children were talking about volcanoes, so we had made a volcano with the children then did the volcano experiment. The children helped with the experiment by putting in the bicarbonate of soda, then the vinegar. Some of the children wanted to know more about volcanoes so we looked at one of the volcano books from our shelf. Preschool continued with messy play and really enjoyed the rice play, digging for the animals that were inside. They were given spoons and then some of the child went to the cupboard to get the rolling pins out. We then talked about each animal, where they live and what they like to eat.

Thursday was World Book Day! It was fantastic seeing the children coming into nursery dressed up in their amazing costumes. We had a wolf, a fox, a flying doctor, superheroes, a mermaid and a jolly postman. The children really enjoyed having story time, listening to their books that they brought in being read to their friends.

The children were really interested in another experiment that Preschool did, learning about why we need to clean our teeth. We put 4 eggs in a bowl with coca cola and left it for 24 hours. They children then we're brushing the eggs with the toothbrushes and toothpaste, seeing that when we brush that our teeth are clean. We talked about how long to brush, how many times a day and what would happen to our teeth if we don't brush them.

On Friday, Preschool made fajitas and the children then had them with their tea. They children really enjoyed cutting the food up and putting the ingredients all together.

Last week, the children have been helping to make playdough. We have made blue and purple playdough. We have been pretending to make food with them, animals and our family too! The children have also been doing lots of turn taking, playing work and number games. The children’s favourite game last week was '10 green bottles'.

Have a fantastic week!