Happy Easter!


Last week in the Annexe, the children have been very busy doing many different creative things!

The children have been doing of lots of exciting activities from making their Easter cards to making Easter nests. The children have shown great control when placing the sequins on their cards but also spreading the glue. The older children showed amazing control when stirring and placing the chocolate in.

We have been offering options for the children as this will help their communication and independence, and it is nice for the children to decide what they would like. This may also help with the children who may have frustration around mealtimes or when getting dressed. The younger children have also been practising using a spoon and have been showing very good control when doing so!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break.


Last week in Busy Birds, we saw something that we haven't seen in quite some time.... sunshine!

This meant water play came back! Water play was so exciting with the addition of some water pumps which Serena brought in for us to play with. Not only was this so much fun but it also gave the children a chance to learn how to make different things work. In order to get the pumps to work the children had to learn to put them in the water and pull the handle to fill it up. As you can imagine this meant we had some very soggy Busy Birds!

Last week also saw lots of Easter crafts. The children enjoyed painting some eggs and decorated some chicks!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


Last week in Preschool, the children made fruit crumble and some more Rocky road. They all thoroughly enjoyed both! Preschool also made the most of the sunshine and got lots of water play out, as well as also spending a lot of time on the climbing dome.

The children decorated some eggs and then hid them in the front garden for an Easter egg hunt. It took them 20 mins to find one egg, and one of the children had it all along in his basket!

Preschool did some balancing and jumping, getting the children to jump and land appropriately. This then led the children to making their own obstacle courses outside.

The children made playdough and the colour theme was blue, and they made different shapes out of it. This helps to develop the children's muscles in their hands. Preschool also played a few turn taking games and some puzzles which helps children to problem solve.

Have a great week.