Learning through our senses


What a busy week full of smiles and laughter for the children in the Annexe.

At the start of the week, the children enjoyed getting out the front to see the fish. They enjoyed pointing out the fish each time they saw one. They also enjoyed going on a walk around the nursery, listening and watching the birds fly over their heads.

In the middle of the week the children in the Annexe loved getting creative with paint, exploring the new colours we have got! They enjoyed getting the brushes and rollers out, using them to make lots of different marks and shapes, also mixing all the colours together and making lots of new ones.

Towards the end of the week the children enjoyed getting the paper and pens out in the garden. They were super excited when they noticed us setting up and rushed over to join in! The children enjoyed making lots of patterns and marks. They made some wonderful pictures for mummy and daddy as they told us.

The children in the Annexe were super excited to play when they noticed we had put out some balloons full of confetti. They loved passing the balloons back and forth to each other, and also enjoyed chucking them in the air and trying to catch them again.

At the end of the week the children enjoyed exploring spaghetti and food colouring, exploring the different textures, what they could feel and see. There was lots of smiles and giggles when the children noticed the pasta could slip through there little fingers. They loved playing with it, making lots of different patterns some smiley faces and squares. They even tried to eat it!

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds was so exciting!

The week began with the end of our long Easter weekend. This meant some very excited children coming in on Tuesday telling us all about the fun things they did with their Mummies and Daddies.

As we settled back into the swing of our fun week, Busy Birds saw some new friends come to join us. Some of our new friends joined us from the younger group and a couple were brand new faces to the Munchkins family. But they all settled in so nicely and have begun to make some lovely friends!

In Busy Birds last week we of course did some baking. We have been trying to branch away from our normal cakes and biscuits and try new things so this week we made some Mac and cheese bites! This gave the children a chance to practice some hand eye coordinating when grating the cheese and also encouraged the children to try new foods. Needless to say, the Mac and cheese bites went down a treat!

In Busy Birds, the children have also been developing an active interest in the world around them, especially insects. During their time in the garden, Busy Birds broke out their magnifying glasses and went on a little bug hunt! Developing an interest in the world gives the children a good opportunity to learn about growth and how things change over time. This is going to be something we continue to develop by growing different plants and herbs.

Finally, the children have continued to foster an active interest in literature by having a bit of story time every day. By reading to each child, we help them foster an active imagination and also develop the beginning stages of language development.

What a great week our little Birds had. We hope you had a fantastic weekend!


Last week in Preschool was a bit different with having our new floor being fitted throughout, but we still managed to have fun.

After returning on Tuesday after the long bank holiday weekend, the children made flapjack. We talked about where oats came from and the different ways, we can use oats, for example, porridge, flapjack or simply just for sensory play.

The children have been interested in gravity, so we demonstrated with different objects and learnt that gravity always pulls and never pushes. This then turned into the children wanting to learn about objects that sink or float outside in the garden.

Towards the end of the week, the children wanted to learn about prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. One child said, “I’m very sad we didn’t get to see dinosaurs as they are really cool, I would have had one as a pet”. Preschool discussed the different dinosaurs; how some were herbivores and others were carnivores, some had 4 legs, some had 2 legs and 2 arms, which were the fastest. The children then made a massive dinosaur land of their own with different resources.

Hope you have a great week!