Outdoor Munchkins


Last week in the Annexe the children loved getting out in sunshine.

At the beginning of the week the children enjoyed playing in the garden. They were most excited when they had noticed we got the soapy water, buckets and spades out. The children rushed over to join in and had a splash about with their friends. They even loved filling the buckets up and chasing us around trying to get us. It was smiles and laughter all round.

The children also enjoyed exploring some bright colour paints, using cotton reels to make lots of different marks and patterns. They loved dipping the cotton reels in the paint, mixing all the colours together and then pushing them onto the paper, making all kinds of patterns.

In the middle of the week the children were super excited when they saw a new ball pit in the garden. They all loved it, especially the little ones. The children loved exploring the texture of the pit, even squashing the balls together. Some of little ones loved rolling around and kicking the balls out the side, and the older ones enjoyed joining in and helping pass the balls to the babies. They even popped their heads out of the side and gave us a big smile!

At the end of the week, the children got the flour out. They had lots of fun with it, covering themselves from head to toe and even their friends! The children enjoyed trying to throw it in the air, trying to catch it again. It mostly landed on their heads or their friends which they found very funny.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds was full of lots of excitement!

The children really enjoyed the sunshine last week and have taken too spending more time in the garden, of course more time in the garden meant lots of exploring with water! Water play gives the children a chance to explore fluidly, learning about movement, directions and a little bit about gravity too. Some of our older birds were very interested in learning about how things flow.

During our time outside the children also engaged in some running with Jenny! The children all held hands and ran back and forth amid lots of laughter. This was a nice chance for the children to foster some new friendships.

Busy Birds have continued to work on their core strength and learning to move in different ways. Last week we brought out the tunnel inside and encouraged the children to take turns crawling through it.

Finally in Busy Birds we have been looking at patterns and how images match up when doing some of our new big floor puzzles with Bailey. They looked at different colours, recognising letters and working on their alphabet.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Firstly, Preschool want to welcome Emily to the team! She enjoyed her first week and has lots of ideas.

Last week in Preschool has been all about fine motor skills. Fine motors skills involve the use of the small muscles in the hand, fingers and thumb. The children have been practising their cutting using playdough first and then moving on to paper and cutting out different shapes and lines. We got the children to squeeze the playdough in their hand to strengthen the muscles and then got to them to try and make shapes with it.

The children have been doing lots of drawing practising holding their pencils correctly and forming good lines and circles.

Preschool also made Pizza last week. The children helped Emily to make the dough and we talked about each ingredient and got the children to help weigh it all and knead it. The children then cut up the peppers, ham and grated the cheese to put on top. It was very yummy!

The children did some Yoga with Emily to work on their gross motor skills. The children loved this and then carried on doing their own yoga outside!

Preschool have enjoyed the sunshine with lots and lots of water play! The children have been on the climbing dome and had tea in the front garden.

Our Makaton sign of the week last week was Good.

Hope everyone had a great sunny weekend!