Mess, mess and more mess!


The Annexe have been very busy yet again! The children started last week off by looking at the flap books. Their favourite was definitely "dear zoo". We had many animal sounds to go along with the story. Each child had their turn opening and shutting the flaps and of course turning the pages. Many of the children also enjoyed reading the "that’s not my books" as they were able to feel the different textures.

The children have also loved getting messy again last week. They loved doing some mark making in the paint using the different stamps, brushes and rollers. Some of them especially enjoyed painting on us and putting their paint covered hands on our backs and then running away laughing. Towards the end of the week, we made different coloured shaving foam which the children loved. When the children were playing in the shaving foam, the adults were encouraging them to use their maths skills by writing numbers 1 to 5 in the shaving foam and pointing to the numbers as we were counting. We were also drawing lots of different shapes.

Finally at the end of the week, the Annexe decided to go on a trip to the park which the children absolutely loved. The older children loved going on the climbing frame and working on their physical development to try and climb to the top so that they could go down the slide. The younger ones loved going on the swings and were giving us all big smiles and giggles. We then decided to stay for a picnic in the park which they all really enjoyed.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds, the children did lots of small group work.

In Busy Birds we have been fostering some new friendships with the introduction of some lovely new friends into our group. Our new friends have done so great and settled in really well!

In order to encourage some new friendships building we have done lots of small activities in little groups all around the children's interests. This began with the making of playdough. The children took it in turns to help add different ingredients into the mixture until they made some great playdough. They used this to talk about textures and learn some new descriptive words. This was a great opportunity to encourage turn taking and sharing resources too.

Busy Birds also have continued to share stories and encourage an active imagination with the introduction of some group stories. Over the last week we have encouraged some calm, quieter moments with some group stories in the morning and before lunch. This gives the children a great chance to take some time to engage their imagination.

What a lovely week we had in Busy Birds!


Last week in Preschool we made cheesecake! The children enjoyed following the instructions from the recipe. They helped to mix the cream and the soft cheese together, as well as spooning the mixture into the base. It was delicious!

The children also made fruit kebabs using all different kinds of fruit. We talked about each fruit and where they grow in the world. The children used their cutting skills to cut the fruit up, making sure that they used the knives safely and correctly.

Preschool did a lot of doctor’s role play. The children took it in turns to be the doctor or the patient. Preschool also talked about each piece of the equipment, discussing what each object is used for. There were lots of children walking around with bandages on their arms and legs from being patched up!

The children have also looked at 2D shapes, using the 2D magnets that you can turn into 3D shapes. Preschool then did a shape hunt around the rooms!

Have a great week.