Rainy puddle jumping


Last week in the Annexe, the children have been doing lots of pretend and imaginative play.

The children started the week off with the favourite tea set pretending to eat the food and drink from the cups. The older children showed more interest in making tea or milk. One little boy said "cold milk" while drinking from it. The younger children showed interest in the textures of the different objects and would look intently for a long period of time.

In the middle of the week, we had the dollies out along with the accessories. The older children showed great understanding of the potty and really enjoyed pretending to place the dollies on there. One little girl said "wee, wee" while placing dolly on there. The younger children showed understanding of body parts and enjoyed finding them when asked.

The Annexe ended the week with some sensory play, learning to shake the bottles or tip them to see the inside move. We had lots of noise of excitement with this and some even copied words such as "shake" "more" " wow". The children have also been busy in the front garden. They got very excited and loved running in all different directions which was a good workout for the adults!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


This week in Busy Birds, the children cooked stuffed peppers, practising their fine motor skills by helping measure the ingredients and remembering all of food hygiene rules. Busy Birds also expanded their vocabulary by having some fruit tasting. The children learnt lots of new descriptive words while trying to describe how the food tasted, smelled as felt.

The Busy Bird garden has been full of puddles thanks to the rain and the children have had a wonderful time splashing around outside! They put on their wellie boots and went jumping in the puddles! This is great exercise and a fun way to practice and develop their gross motor movement.

Even with all these fun activities, what the Busy Birds have loved more than anything has been reading stories. All week they have loved exploring some new stories and reading as big groups and one-to-one. Another great way of expanding their vocabulary as well as developing our growing imagination.

Have a great week!


Last week in Preschool we’ve done more baking as the children are loving this at the moment. We made carrot cake. The children took it in turns to grate the carrot as we talked about how we have to always be looking when doing this as you may cut your fingers! The children helped to weigh the ingredients and add them one by one. The children enjoyed eating it (so did the grown-ups).

Preschool have also been doing lots of turn taking games. This teaches the children to wait their turn and share resources with their peers.

The children have also enjoyed playdough (as always!). We have been getting the children to squeeze the playdough as this strengthens and develop their muscles in their hands and fingers, so they are able to then hold a pen properly. The children also enjoyed playing with gloop, practising mark making and writing the letters in their names.

Towards the end of the week the weather turned a bit wet, so the children got on their wellie boots and waterproofs including grown-ups and enjoyed splashing in the puddles!

The children also joined Leanne and Emily with doing a workout! This involved star jumps, stretching and all sorts this got the children moving in lots of different ways and working on strengthening their core.

Hope everyone had a great weekend splashing in the puddles!