Summer sunshine


Last week, the Annexe have been nonstop outside in the sunshine!

The children started the week off practising their sharing with the balls. All the children took turns passing it to one another and of course with the adults. One little boy found it very funny to throw the ball at the staff member!

The children have been helping the adults out with our lovely sunflowers by watering them. One by one they used the watering can to pour water onto the flowers. One little girl said, "pretty flowers".

On Thursday all the children one visited the nursery grounds to see the fish, climbing frame and all the flowers that are out there. We let the children explore where they wanted to go and support them in tricky situations such as the steps!

The end of the week as been a bit sunnier, so we made water balloons filled with paint and threw them at a piece of paper. For a child that enjoys throwing this is the perfect activity! The younger ones loved the way the balloons felt and how they felt once they squeezed them, but not too hard as they popped!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Birds the children enjoyed doing lots of water play out in the sunshine, gaining more control whilst holding the jugs and pouring the water into cups. Also in the garden the children have loved playing on the bikes and seeing how fast they can go down the hill.

Busy Birds did lots of baking last week. We started off with making some bread rolls. The children enjoyed adding and mixing all the ingredients together exploring the different textures they could feel when rolling the bread into balls. Busy Birds also made chocolate cookies which the children enjoyed. Each child showed brilliant sharing skills when it came to taking in turns with mixing all the yummy ingredients together.

Towards the end of the week, the children were playing with puzzles, singing and dancing and listening to animal sounds. They loved this. This was great to see how many children joined in with the songs and danced. We were doing this in small groups to encourage the children to build friendships with other children and learn to enjoy themselves and share moments with each other.

Hope you have a good week!


Last week in Preschool we have been taking advantage of the sunny weather!

The children have been outside practicing their frisbee skills! This is a great activity for their physical development and has also encouraged them all to take turns and share.

Preschool have enjoyed exploring the outdoor environment at nursery, especially in the front gardens. The children have been talking a lot about living things they have observed when out in the gardens with their friends. Preschool were lucky to have seen some animals such as butterflies and dragonflies!

Preschool also did lots of baking last week which included making bread and cheesy scones. The children helped to measure and mix the ingredients together and really enjoyed eating them all after!

Have a lovely week!