Messy Munchkins!


Last week the Annexe had lots of fun and have taken full advantage of the warm weather and have been very busy!

We started the week with some ice painting. The children enjoyed exploring the cold textures and seeing what would happen if the ice melted. The children soon realised the ice would melt away which they found very funny! Each child was given an ice cube which was filled with a different colour of paint. The children loved feeling the cold on their hands and feed as many of them enjoyed putting the paint on their hands and feet and then stamping them on the paper. Some also loved the taste of the ice as they tried to eat them!

In the garden the Annexe children have been practicing their sharing skills with Tamika through water play using paint brushes to make different patterns and marks on the walls. We have also been doing some gymnastics with the children, doing the downwards dog and roly poly. One child enjoyed it that much he kept shouting 'more'. The children quickly picked up that to do a roly poly they had to put their hands on the floor and their head down and that we would then help them roll over.

The children have also been looking at the different colours there are. We started off with using shaving foam to explore four different colours. The children looked at the shaving foam and with a little help pointed at the different colours. We then mixed the colours altogether to see what other colours we could make.

The Annexe have been doing some fruit tasting too!! The children loved trying the different fruits which were watermelon, grapes and oranges. A few of the children loved the watermelon and kept wanting more!

Towards the end of the week, we did some baking and gloop making. The children loved helping Claire make cookies and chocolate cakes. We started off with mixing all the yummy ingredients together before rolling the cookies into balls and flattening them for baking. At teatime the children enjoyed decorating their cakes with different coloured icing sugar. The children also enjoyed making some gloop with Tia. They watched how the gloop went from hard when on a flat surface to runny when picked up. They found it very funny picking it up and watching it slip through there little fingers.

The Annexe ended the week with a visit to see the fish and all the children loved pointing at the fish and watching them swim away.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds was so much fun!

Busy Birds have been taking full advantage of the sunnier weather this week by spending as much time in the garden as possible! During our time outside the children have had some fun exploring water. Serena added bubbles to the water which made it so much more exciting. Some children enjoyed tipping the water from container to container while others joined their friends in jumping in puddles making big splashes!

In the garden Busy Birds have also been playing on the different bikes. The children have really mastered balancing and have also got very good at taking turns with their friends.

During our inside times Busy Birds have enjoyed exploring their senses with Bailey. This began with some gloop at the beginning of the week and progressed into baking later on. Busy Birds made quiche this week. They even tried them with their afternoon snack. Some of the children were a little unsure to begin with but discovered they actually quite liked it!

Finally, last week the children have been learning their shapes. The children took turns to match some cut out shapes to their drawn counterparts. The children did great at this and learned some new shapes!

What a great week!


Preschool had a fantastic week!

We started off the week with some fruit tasting. This was great for the children to discuss what fruits they liked and where different fruits come from. The children also got to practice their cutting skills using a knife to cut the fruit up ready to try!

Preschool have been very active both inside and out. Lots of the children took part in some group yoga which was good for them to move their bodies in a range of different ways, building up the strength and stability in their core muscles.

Last week, the children were talking about different emotions and how they feel. Preschool used our emotion puppets to help us express and share how we felt. The children said what makes them happy and sad and then we went on further to discuss what we can do it we do feel sad or angry.

Have a great week!