Mess, mess and more mess!


The Annexe was non-stop last week!

The children have been helping grow our beautiful sunflowers. They have loved watering them using the watering cans. One little boy loved running up and down filling up his watering can because he needed "more!"

Physical development has been a strong focus with the children using their legs and arms to strengthen their core. The Annexe started the week off using the soft blocks to create towers. One little boy was showing good control when squatting! The children also created an assault course using the tents and tunnels to encourage crawling and taking turns.

As it has been very hot, the children have been having lots of ice play out with hidden surprises inside. Once the ice had melted in their hands the small colourful animals came out. This helped cool us down and encouraged us to feel the different textures!

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds was so much fun!

Our goal over the last week was to promote friendships and the continued forming of bonds among the children. Busy Birds have been doing this by doing lots of small group work and fun things that encourage the children to work together. At the beginning of the week the children did some ball painting in pairs with Jennie. The children had to work in pairs to move the balls around the paper to create different marks. This was a really fun way to encourage some new friendships.

Last week the children showed a lot of kindness to each other as well, helping their friends with their shoes and taking great turns with some of the favourite toys.

The children have spent some of the quiet moments in the room playing together, doing dancing and having conversations amongst the cars.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Preschool, the children got up to a range of different things.

Preschool started off the week by celebrating one of our friend’s birthdays. The children worked well together to make a cake which of course they all loved to eat! We also had a disco party and played games such as musical bumps.

The children continued to use our emotion puppets to talk about their feelings and express ourselves. This has been really useful for a lot of the children, and they are becoming more comfortable to talk about how different things make them feel!

The children showed an interest in pirates! As a result of this we decided to make some pirate maps using tea bags. We also made eye patches and telescopes! It is great for the children to share their own interests and build role play scenarios from their ideas!

We hope you had a lovely weekend!