Learning independence


Last week in the Annexe, we have been very busy teaching independence.

We started the week practising out cruising and walking with the younger children as their all so close to walking! The older children are great role models and are always there to help hold their hands!

In the Annexe, we have also been encouraging dressing and undressing after garden time and before. The children showed amazing control when undoing the Velcro and gave a real effort when trying to pull them off but needed a little help.

The Annexe ended the week celebrating England's win in the football by making our own footballs and flags! The children loved making marks and using the paint brush to dip into the paint. One little girl preferred using her hands!

We also baked some dairy free cakes as we have a few friends with allergies the children loved helping Tamika pour the ingredients and help stir the mixture. The children then helped by placing the cupcake cases out.

Have a lovely week!


Busy Birds had such a great week!

Last week Busy Birds continued to build their independence. We have seen lots of children able to put their own shoes on and we have begun to work on dressing and undressing when we get a little wet in the garden. The children really enjoyed being more independent and soaked up the positive reinforcement.

In Busy Birds last week, we were also working on our core strength. The children have been doing lots of balancing, climbing and moving in a variety of different ways such as crawling.

Busy Birds have also enjoyed some time in the sunshine exploring some water play and different marks with chalk. One of our little birds drew an aeroplane! We then spent a bit of time talking about where we would like to go on planes, somewhere hot or cold. The children decided they rather go somewhere hot with big beaches!

Finally Busy Birds have been continuing to develop their speech and language skills with lots of texture play! Last week Busy Birds have been explored sand.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Preschool was lots of fun as always. At the start of the week the children were interested in rockets and spaceships, so we made a big rocket, and they made their own mini rockets. Preschool used the junk modelling, paper mache and paint to make their creations.

Preschool have also been talking about their emotions with the emotion puppets. The children talked about kind hands and feet and keeping their hands and feet to themselves and being kind to our friends.

The children have done phase 1 of phonics - Teddy bear in the jungle. One of the children had to hide the teddy and the other children had to help their friend find it by singing quietly if they are too far away and getting louder as they get closer. This helps the children learn how sounds can be changed.

Preschool have been looking at 2D shapes talking about how many sides and corners they have. We then looked around the room to see what shapes we could find.

Have a great week!