Outdoor explorers


Last week the children in the Annexe were super busy in the sunshine.

The children have been focusing on animals. We have been looking at what animals live in our world and what noises they make. At the start of the week the children looked at noises. We got the animal farm out and the children picked out animals they loved and what animals they thought that would be on a farm. For the older ones this was a chance for them to show us how loud they could roar, the younger ones found this very exciting and funny!

Bug hunting with Tamika! The children loved getting down on the ground and exploring the little animals they didn't know about. Each time they saw a bug they would point at it and shout out. The children also found it very interesting to watch how the little bugs would crawl across their little hands. The Annexe children also watched and listened very carefully to Tamika about the different bugs and where they come from.

The Annexe then continued to look at the different animals and sounds they made through ice play, looking at what animals live in water and how cold the water could be in different places. One child found the water very cold they shouted out 'cold' when they reached their hands in to pick up the animals. Each child took turns with their friends to pick up an ice cube and try and feed the animal they had chosen.

Towards the end of the week, we got messy with ‘Gelli baff’ which helps turn the water into goo! The children watched how the water went from clear water to blue goo and then at the end when we were finished the children watched as we added purple power to the blue goo, which helped turn it back to water. The children had lots of fun using the spades to scoop it up and drop it again. We also tried to make balls out of the goo which the children found very funny. Many of the children were amazed how it went from goo to water again.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Busy Birds, the children had so much fun!

As the week has been so quiet, we have taken the chance to have some quieter group activities. The week has also seen the blossoming of lovely new friends who haven't had the chance to really connect in the past.

Busy Birds have continued to talk about the importance of dental hygiene and taking time to think about how long they should be brushing their teeth for. The children have been looking at our new teeth display and using it as a topic for talking which means we've had lots of "Look teeth!' And "brush teeth 2 minutes."

Last week Busy Birds really took advantage of the sunshine and having lots of time in the garden. Busy Birds also went for a venture into the front garden to see the fish as well which gave the children a good chance to learn about the world around us. We fostered interest in animals by looking at where different animals live including the Sahara Desert. Busy Birds learned how hot it was there. When talking about how camels live there one of our Busy Birds said, "Don't worry, we can put sun cream on them."

Out the front busy birds also engaged in games of football. This gave Busy Birds a good opportunity to do some sharing and turn taking as well as building bonds with each other.

Have a great week!


Last week in Preschool, the children enjoyed the wonderful sunshine, being outside as much as possible. They have been out on the climbing dome and been on bug hunts. Preschool also made marble runs with the guttering for the water to go down. The children have been making potions and they have also had water fights including the adults!

The children made rice crispy cakes last week. The children helped to mix in all the ingredients. Preschool talked about what happens when we put chocolate in the microwave, and discovered it melts!

The children have also been doing phonics outside in the front garden. One of the adults hid the teddy and the children had to find him. Preschool sang louder as the children got closer to the teddy and sang quietly as they moved further away. The children are learning how sounds can be changed.

The children have also been talking about their emotions using the emotion puppets and read a story called ‘Ruby's worry’ which is about a little girl who has worry that doesn't go away but once she starts talking to someone about her worries the worry starts to gradually disappear.

Finally, Preschool our graduation ceremony for the school leavers (Leanne’s first one as Unit leader!) It has been lovely to watch these children grow throughout the year in Preschool, especially a year that has been so different, but the children have still had lots of fun at Preschool and have definitely kept the adults laughing and smiling. We will be sad to wave goodbye to the school leavers and some of them it is the end of an era, but we wish them all the best for their next chapter in life - starting primary school!

Have a lovely week!