Exploring Munchkins


We have had a very busy week full of laughter and giggles in the Annexe.

The children have been working on building friendships. Many of the children have loved supporting the younger ones to complete activities and supporting them when they are upset. The older children loved supporting each other over an obstacle which they helped to build. One child shouted 'help' and their friends rushed over to give them a hand. We then continued to look at friendships through sand play. The children loved getting the spades and buckets out to build towers and support each other sharing the toys.

Towards the end of the week, the children got very messy with rice. We looked at our pouring and measuring skills. The children enjoyed using the cups and spoons to try and pick the rice up without it falling off again. One child found it very funny to pick up the rice and chuck it in the air, shouting 'oh no' when it fell to the floor!

The Annexe ended the week with a visit to the big garden which the children were very excited about. They loved seeing their friends and siblings. The children loved getting messy in the sand pit and watching the older ones run about. The children loved meeting some new friends and building some new relationships with different members of staff. They also really enjoyed going off to explore all the different equipment. They especially enjoyed playing on the big boat.

Have a lovely week!


Last week in Busy Birds, the children have been building friendships with team work and learning about how things work.

Towards the beginning of the week the children worked together to build the ‘toot, toot’ track. Everyone was in charge of a different piece which not only encouraged them to work together but also encouraged the children to share and take turns.

As the week went on the Busy Birds team took some time with each child one to one to encourage a continued forming of bonds through fun activities. During the week, the children also got to do a series of small group activities. This began with a stick man hunt around the front gardens. When the children had finished some of them decided to give their sticks to the growing butterflies.

A small group of the children spent some time inside using the magnifying glasses and exploring how they worked by looking at very small things. Another small group of children helped Bailey to make scones where they were able to learn about measurements and different language of size.

Finally, as the week has come to an end, we have bid farewell to our butterflies. The children have really loved watching how they have grown and changed over time. Earlier in the week we asked some of the children what we should name our butterflies. Busy Birds had a lot of good suggestions, some children wanted to name them mummy and daddy butterfly. Finally, by the end of the week we settled on Dave, Lady, BoBo and Pretty, all very unique names!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Last week in Preschool the children have been forming lovely bonds and friendships, as well as working on their communication skills.

Working as a together, they have been doing a range of teamwork activities such as tower building. The children showed great teamwork skills, planning and building their constructions! Preschool have also been enjoying lots of role play this week, some of the children have been having tea babies with the babies!

Preschool have been doing lots of small group activities such as storytelling and puzzles. This is great for developing the children’s communication skills and their confidence!

Have a lovely week!