I see the Moon and the moon sees me


This week in the Annexe the children have been having loads of fun with sensory play!

The children this week have had a great time exploring a range of textures on different days set up in our tuff trays, all the while exploring their developing interests by theming the trays with farm and sea life animals as well, this also helped develop an early understanding of how different creatures survive in different places in the world. Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development – it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.

The children have also enjoyed exploring the outside world again, we have seen lots of new walkers this week taking their wobbly steps as they learn to walk, the children have utilized the walkers a lot this week to help them gain control over their movements.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Busy Birds the children have had a great week!

The week begun with some fun dancing with Miss Annabell which is easily one of our favourite parts of the week! The children are so excited to see what fun Halloween themed things Miss Annabell comes up with! This week the children have also been engaging in some fun baby role play! This became an idea around the fact that we have a lot of baby Munchkins on the way over the next few months and this is a good way to introduce young children to kindness. Through role play, children learn to choose their words carefully when they communicate. They use their listening skills to understand what’s going on around them and how to fit in.

The children have had a great time doing baking this week exploring how different things combine to make something new. This week the children engaged in some physical activities as well, exploring the way their bodies can move by jumping, climbing, playing on the slide and many other fun things.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week in Pre-School the children have been having great learning experiences!

Some of the children of the children Had an amazing time in the garden with Kassady playing what’s the time Mr Wolf? This began with three or four children showing the interest and developed into a whole group of children including some of the older Busy Birds joining in. During the early years, physical activity impacts on children’s health and plays a key role in their development. – Learning personal, social and emotional skills – physical activity can help develop skills, such as self-esteem, developing resilience, confidence and problem-solving skills.

The children also have had a great time being creative, one child spotted the moon outside even in the daytime and this developed into an activity where he and a friend made their very own moon. The children have also enjoyed some quiet moments with stories and have also been playing really nicely in small group moments./p>

Have a lovely weekend!