This week in the Annexe the children have had loads of fun!

The week begun by celebrating Diwali! By celebrating different cultures and celebrations the children are introduced at a young age about similarities and differences and how other people live. The children also were really excited to do explore the big garden towards the end of the week, this helped the children to meet the team in Busy Birds as well which helps when they begin their transitions as well as allowing the children a chance to explore in a more open environment with plenty of space!

The children have also enjoyed exploring using their senses again, this time with some coloured rice and they also did some lovely paintings to celebrate Diwali and in preparation for fireworks night they did some wonderful firework painting as well! Creative activities are a great way to introduce young children to new words, especially when looking at different colours.

Have a lovely weekend!

Busy Birds

This week in Busy Birds the children have been exploring the world around them!

This began with some amazing jumping in the garden, busy birds took turns to jump from the decking. This was a great chance for some at risk play, the children were spoken to about how to jump and land safely, we of course had a couple trips but by the end the children who took part were able to land safely on their feet with big smiles! The children also had an amazing time doing a bear hunt with Kassady. The activity introduced the children to a wide variety of textures such as coco powder sludge for the mud and fake snow for the swirling whirling snowstorm. Bear hunt has always been a big favourite of the children in Busy Birds over the years so this was a great way to introduce the children to new descriptive words using their growing interest. Some of the children were a little unsure with the messy parts but by creating a safe environment to learn in Kassady helped them grown in confidence and try something new!

The children have also been learning about the eclipse with Melissa this week. Tuesday featured a partial solar eclipse, so Melissa took the opportunity to get creative, each child took turns to create their own eclipse while learning about how they happen. This was a really great way to introduce the children to the world around them and learn about how and why things happen.

Have a lovely weekend!


This week the Pre-School children have been very creative!

This begun with a small group of children working together to build a castle using a wide variety of things in their room. The children used cushions, baskets, boxes and other props to make their castle really engaging in imaginative play. The children have also been really enjoying the book corner. Usually with one of the children acting as ‘teacher’ and reading to all their friends. Pre-School had a really sweet bonding moment last week between Kayleigh and one of the children when he brought in a hat his Mummy made for her that matched his own hat, as you can imagine this brought big smiles to both his and Kayleigh’s faces!

The children also have enjoyed a wide variety of sensory experiences this week. The children have explored rice, scooping, and pouring and looking at different measurements when filling cups of different sizes. The children also looked at how things work when mixing cornflour and water to make gloop! Gloop is a great sensory experience because the texture of the cornflour changes from hard to soft and also its not to messy!