Exploring Fun!


This week in the Annexe the children have been very creative!

The week begun with some creativity around music, the children enjoyed exploring the various musical instruments such as the xylophone and playing with the interactive toys. Playing with instruments provides children with stimulation and helps to develop their brain’s neural pathways. It also helps them to develop their coordination and fine motor skills. Studies have also linked playing instruments during childhood to better self-discipline and confidence, as well as better memory.

The children have also enjoyed some creative play with pasta pictures and doing some free drawing. Free drawing was a great way for the children to build up hand muscles and from a young age sets them up for learning to write at a later age.


Last week in Busy Birds the children have been working on building their core strength!

Busy Birds begun the week as always with some very exciting time with Miss Annabell, this hour of fun exercise has easily become the highlight of the week with some of the children, they come in ready and waiting and miss her when she's gone! Having a creative outlet for all their energy is a great way to teach children about the importance of exercise on their bodies too!

The children have also been enjoying yoga with Jennie in the mornings, this is a great way to get them moving in a different manner, teaching them about stretching out their bodies and using different kinds of muscles.

The children also enjoyed exploring different textures with painting and also being creative with the nature around them, this was also a great opportunity to teach the children about how things change over time as they looked at leaves of different colours.


This week in Preschool the children have been forming new friendships!

This begun with some sharing of stories in small groups and pairs. It was so lovely to see some of the children who were newer to Pre-School being welcomed to join in activities. Some of the children teamed up in pairs and looked at a variety of different stories which was a great means for building their imagination as well as their bonds.

Preschool have also been sharing great stories of the fireworks some of them saw on Friday, we got told tales about all the beautiful colours they could see, how different fireworks made different noises and of course all about the food and glow sticks! It was really lovely to hear from the children how much they themselves enjoyed it. Preschool have been building some lovely friendships this week which has been a great help to the new little children who have recently moved over from Busy Birds, it was a lovely way to help them reconnect with each other and show great kindness to each other.

The children also have enjoyed a range of activities to help with their hand muscles, they had a great time with doing cutting and sticking, one little girl cut different pictures from a magazine and made her own little picnic.