All things creative


This week in the Annexe the children have had a great time exploring a wide variety of different textures.

The children had a great time exploring with water during a baby bath time experience and also a car washing one. Leah put some coco powder on the toy cars to simulate mud and the children had a great time using ramps and making the cars splash as they worked on getting them clean.

The children also had a great time exploring marks and prints with animals and cars looking at the different sized marks they could make. During some quiet moments the children have enjoyed stories, exploring with soft play and building different things using the Duplo.

Busy Birds

This week in busy birds the children have been working on their fine motor skills!

The children built up the muscles in their hands when playing with playdough, this helps to work on those little muscles they will need later when learning to write and how to hold a pen and pencil properly

The children also looked at buttons, zips, laces and other things on a fine motor skill board taking in turns to work out how to unfasten the various aspects. Fine motor skills involve the use of the small muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb. They help children perform important tasks like feeding themselves, grasping toys, buttoning and zipping clothes, writing, drawing, and more. The ability to complete self-care and everyday tasks helps a child’s self-esteem and confidence to increase.


What a fun week we have had in Pre-School!

This week the children have been really engaged in fun learning experiences, we have seen the children new to pre-school working more on building their hand muscles and learning to use scissors. The children have been exploring textures as well with coloured rice which they then turned into a fun alien world adventure.

We have seen some lovely friendships blossoming over the last few weeks amongst the children in preschool and equally some wonderful bonds forming between the children and the team. Often separating from their parents is such a massive thing for children, this is why we believe forming bonds with the adults who care for them helps them develop an understanding that they are safe, secure and respected in an environment where they can explore and develop confidence while still having a safe base to return to. Often these relationships are what help prepare children for school and friendships later in life!