Busy Birds

Age 2-3 years

Our focus here is learning through play so we plan lots of activities around creativity - whether that is exploring different textures with shaving foam, corn flour, jelly, water or sand.

The children also have the opportunity to do lots of painting and sticking and other art based fun. Alongside this, we enjoy daily outside play, singing and stories, role play and some free play where the children can explore the different equipment.

Generally, this is the age when potty training begins! We take the parents lead in this as to when the time is right and talk to you about the routine you have at home. Our staff are very experienced and always available for advice and guidance should you need it.

We also start to teach the children about independence so they will be encouraged to manage their own personal hygiene (wiping their face, washing hands), feeding themselves at meal times and making decisions for themselves (which activity they want to participate in).

Hi, I'm Kate.

I am the Room Leader's of Busy Birds. Click here to find out more about me!

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