Dragonflies & Incy Wincy Spiders

Age 15 months-2 years

Now that your little ones are running around, the activities in these groups are more catered to their physical needs. There are daily opportunities to play in the gardens, soft play equipment for them to climb on and activity stations where they can start to explore role play.

Your child’s adventures for the day are recorded in their home books along with information on their eating habits, sleep times and nappy changes.

At this age, children tend to transition to one nap a day which we slowly introduce after lunch at 12.30pm. All the children have a sleep on their designated mats with a sheet and their chosen comforter from home.

At mealtimes, the children sit around a table together with staff on hand to ensure they are enjoying their food.

Have a look at our blog to see the kinds of activities that Dragonflies and Incy Wincy Spiders do each week!