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Week Commencing 11th September 2017


This week has been very busy for all our babies here in Daisies.

We have some new crawlers and walkers who are more than ready to explore our environment from their new perspective!

On Tuesday, our children joined with Dragonflies for a great session of Monkey Music. The babies absolutely loved it. They were very involved and even played some instruments and popped some bubbles!

This week we also got very messy playing with the metallic shredded paper and the oats, some of them tried to eat it because who doesn't want to eat something so sparkly and shiny, right?

One of our babies went to the garden with Sasha and had a lot fun playing with some older children!

Oh, and would you like to know what I found this morning in the sensory basket? Well, then check out our pictures, I am quite sure you will be surprised! Apparently a basket is the best thing that you can get!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, from everyone in Daisies.


This week in Dragonflies, we've had lots of fun especially with Monkey Music. The children loved doing the actions and having a little dance!

We also did some messy activities with paint and shaving foam! The children loved exploring the shaving foam using their hands, then they loved clapping their hands so the shaving foam went everywhere!!!

Painting using shapes has been very exciting for the children, and many of them have been repeating the shapes ‘circle’ and ‘square.’

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy Wincy Spiders saw the beginning of some beautiful friendships. Mostly by two of our little boys who simply love playing together from chasing each other around the garden to sitting in the room playing with some of our small world toys showing brilliant displays of sharing.

This week we also saw the last of the summer and feeling that theme we decided to set up a beautiful new display where we drew our own little sunshine.

Now everyone knows we in Incy’s we love creative activities so we didn't stop at our sunshine, we did some free drawing too. We used our amazing paint sticks to create some amazing art, with some of our Incy’s telling us they were drawing their Mummies!

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!
See you next week.

Busy Bees

This week Busy Bees has been jam packed with lovely activities! On Monday, we filled a tray with paint and blew through straws to make patterns appear. The children found it quite tricky to blow through the straws! Blowing helps to develop the muscles in the mouth that are used to speak.

The cars have been a huge interest this week so we have tried to incorporate them into our activities. We dipped them in paint and drove them over large pieces of sugar paper and spoke about the different marks they made, and how the colours mixed to make new colours. All the cars where very messy afterwards so they had to have a car wash where the children used cloths to clean them.

The children have decorated t-shirts with glitter, played with clay and made slime this week! Outside we have noticed a lot of animals and bugs so along with Ladybirds, the children made a bug garden for them all to live in!


This week in Ladybirds we have been looking at colours. At the start of the week we did some table top painting using our hands and brushes to mix colours, and we talked about the new colours we had made. Our clever Ladybirds were able to tell us they had made orange and green, as well as purple. During our colour activities, we have been focusing on the 3 primary colours. We asked the children to draw something yellow - we had a giraffe and the sun. We did some gluing and sticking and made our very own rainbow and spoke about our favourite colours, we then extended this by making a fruit rainbow and the children really loved eating it - we had raspberries, grapes, orange, banana, kiwi and blueberries. They also tried some lemon which led to some funny faces!

The children love bugs at the moment so we made our very own bug garden. They were very excited when they came outside this morning to see that some snails had come to live in our bug garden over night! The children really enjoyed looking at them and have even given them names!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Week Commencing 4th September 2017


What an intense week this week in Daisies!

We have welcomed four new children who are settling in really well and we have also said goodbye to others - So a lot of emotions in just one week!

This week we have been practicing some finger marking: the babies played with the flour with Leanne and they did some lovely pictures for our new display board with Sasha. Some of them even used their feet to make some pretty cards!

The steps have been very popular this week with lots of children, climbing, holding on to them or walking on it too!

Story time has been a big hit in our room this week as well, with lots of reading with the staff. Our babies are so clever and always tried to babble or point to the pages to make clear just how much they were enjoying it!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend from everyone at Daisies.


This week, we have had lots of fun in Dragonflies! In the garden, the children loved running around with the pushchairs, chasing each other. It then turned into everyone chasing Kirsty around!! The children have also been riding around on the bikes and practising their catching skills. The garden was also a great place to practice walking, with one girl taking lots of steps, which she was very proud of! Every time we clapped for her, she would clap too!

Pasta play was lots of fun too. The children were doing lots of filling and emptying and then had fun seeing what noises they could make with it. They discovered that if they filled all the pots up with pasta and shook them, they could make lots of noise!! They also sprinkled it from the air and listened as it hit the tray and the table.

They have also been doing lots of climbing on our soft play equipment. Even the children who have just mastered walking, are so confident when it comes to climbing! There were 3 girls stood on the big whale together, all looking at me so innocently!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have been experimenting.

Our best activity has been exploring marks during finger painting fun, using really bright paint. We were not only able to see the marks we could create but also look a little more at the different colours we know.

We welcomed some new faces into our room this week as well and introduced them to the different toys that have become our favorite namely the cash register in the kitchen!

As the week draws to an end we have been enjoying some fun with our wheeled toys, mostly our favorite buggies and having a little role play fun with the dressing up.

Have a great weekend, see you all next week!


We have had lots of imaginative role play this week in Ladybirds. The children have been dressing up as all sorts - builders fixing all the units, hairdressers doing the hair of all the dolls , doctors examining all our friends, and Dragons with one child even informing us that they hadn't see a dragon in real life for 25 years!

We decorated some fish so the children could practise their fine motor skills, applying the glue and sticking materials where they wanted them. The children told us that fish live in the sea and they did lots of fish actions with their mouths.


Week Commencing 31st August 2017


In Daisies, we had a relaxing week last week, meeting new babies that are settling ready to start with us. We also had a sad goodbye to our older babies that have moved to Incy Wincy Spiders and Dragonflies which I'm sure they are all excited for their new adventure. The babies have had an exploring week looking for toys hidden in different materials. They are still really enjoying the role play house which they all like playing peekaboo with each other in!


The Dragonflies have had a very adventurous week: they had so much fun climbing up and down the ramp, and of course using it as a slide!

Even though the weather has also been a little unpredictable, we've loved the garden in both rain and sun. The children splashed in so much water it looked like they had had a bath, but the laughter was just so lovely to hear.
The children have also been practising their scooping skills with rice, they loved using the spoons to scoop it up and then pour it into the pots saying 'wooow.’

The children also loved the pretend phones chatting away to Mummy, Daddy and their siblings.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Incy Wincy Spiders

In Incy Wincy Spiders, our week started off with the word ‘splat!’ This is the word we learned that gloop makes when we stomp on it. We also learned that even though gloop mixed with pink paint looks like strawberry yoghurt, it probably doesn't taste like it!

We talked a lot about how the gloop felt, learning new words such as ‘Sticky’ ‘Sinking’ when we put our hands into it.

We've also looked a little at technology toys this week, with the children using their imaginations to pretend to be talking on the phones, working on the laptops and taking pictures with the camera's with a round of ‘Cheese!’

And of course lots of our favourite thing this month, painting!!

Have a great weekend see you next week!

Busy Bees

In Busy Bees this week we have been doing lots fun activities. We started the week with some jungle small world play, we made green and brown playdough for the floor, added sand, stones, tissue paper and animals which enabled the children to make stories up with the animals and enjoy the feel of the different materials. The Busy Bees also had some practice being chefs this week when we made fruit kebabs! The children helped us to chop the fruit and then independently put them onto skewers. The playroom smelt lovely of fruit and then we ate them for tea!

The weather this week has been a bit crazy, raining one minute, sunny the next. On a particularly wet morning, we took some children into our downstairs playroom where we did singing, dancing, musical instruments, jumping and throwing. "Miss Polly had a dolly" is a favourite and the children are very good at playing along with the Instruments.

Outside, water play has been a number one, as usual. This week we added blue paint, glitter and animals to it which the Busy Bees enjoyed trying to catch! We also loved pouring, splashing and filling up the gloves!


We have been doing our favourite thing at the start of the week and getting very messy in Ladybirds! The children loved exploring the shaving foam, using straws to draw shapes and exploring how it feels… ‘it’s soft and sticky’ ‘it’s squelchy and yucky.’

We had lots of fun on Tuesday making our own fruit kebabs, and even more fun eating them! This led to all kinds of talk about our favourite fruits ‘strawberries are my favorite’ ‘I like banana.’ Since a few of the children have siblings on the way, we got the babies out to get some practice in! We pushed around the buggies, changed their nappies and even gave them their bottles. Our little helpers can't wait to help with their siblings, one child even told me to be quiet as the baby was sleeping!

We have been reading the book ‘Penguins can't fly’ and we found out they are swimming ‘I did go swim earlier, I like swimming, I go swimming too’ the Ladybirds informed me. ‘Look how I swim, look at my hands’ the Ladybirds demonstrated the different way they swim!


A lovely busy week in Preschool! We have been looking at the way things work this week. We looked inside torches, how nut crackers work, garlic presses and balloon pumps. We all had a go at experimenting with how they work and especially enjoyed the balloon pump and listening to how the air came out when we let it go!

We've used gloop to practise cutting skills again this week. High up sieves were used to dribble gloop through which the children then tried to cut off before it reached the table below. Fantastic messy fun!

We have also restarted our LEAP physical development programme so we have been looking at spacial awareness and different ways of moving with Leanne this week! The children have come up with some fabulous and crazy ways of moving!

We have also started Phonics this week focusing on what we could hear. We went on listening walks around the gardens of preschool and onto the lawn to see what we could hear – a lot of birds, and noisy babies crying by the Annexe!

We've got a few new books and games this week which we have loved reading, one of our favourites is 'the mixed up chameleon!' A new matching game has been as much of a hit with the adults as it has been with the children in the last few days too.

We want to say a huge thank you to all of our children and their parents who have bought us thank you and goodbye gifts. You have all been so kind and we’re all going to put on a lot of weight in the next week or so with your kindness!! We have had so much fun this year constantly laughing with your wonderful children, we all wish them the best of luck starting school, we’re very sad saying goodbye to them all. Keep in touch!


Week Commencing 21st August 2017


This week in Daisies, we have had lots of fun playing with different textures - the babies have enjoyed getting very messy with the sand, flour and their favourite, paint!! We have made some lovely bright pictures. The children have also been enjoying doing lots of climbing on the ramp and we have had a few little cheeky monkeys climbing through the window in our wooden house which they have all found it very funny!

We have also loved watching a lot of our babies starting to do their first few steps all on their own, and also had some getting really good at pulling themselves to stand and beginning to take a few steps whilst holding on.

A lot of the children have also been really enjoying looking at themselves in the mirrors, they have been pulling funny faces and also been chatting to themselves - its super cute to watch!


This week in Dragonflies the children have been playing really nicely together. There has been a lot of turn taking, which is lovely to see. The children liked playing with the pop up toys, taking turns to press all the different buttons and clapping when the animals popped up! We have also had fun playing with the cardboard tubes and corks. The children were putting the corks inside the tube and then lifting it up to see where they all went! We also did some counting while doing this '2,3,8,9'!

Messy play has been as popular as ever, with lots of circles being drawn in the shaving foam and sandcastles being built with the sand. These sandcastles were then cut in half by one boy who showed great control with the plastic knife.

In the garden there have been lots of requests for 'bubbles'! We had so much fun chasing them around, popping them and watching them fly into the sky!

Have a lovely weekend!

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy Wincy Spiders, we have had so much fun with paint and our brand new paint sponges.

We made a birthday card for Keriann and the children loved looking at all the different colors they could make. The new sponges were a big success as they helped the children to learn the letters of their names. One little girl amazed us by being able to name all the letters from her own name and recognize the letters of one of her friends!

We've also done some playing in the garden, with the sand being our favorite place! The children practiced filling and emptying buckets and creating different marks, and even helped tidy away some of the sand by doing some sweeping!

Over all we have had such a lovely week with some new friendships forming and the celebration of some birthdays too.

Have a lovely weekend, see you all next week.

Busy Bees

This week in Busy Bees, we have had a lot of fun with colours, paint and some new resources. We started the week with a lovely colour mixing experiment - we added primary coloured poster paint with water into jugs and the children enjoyed pouring the colours together and were fascinated by the different colours they had made.

On Tuesday, we had some lovely parcels to open and the children were very happy with all the new books we received, with some of them becoming firm favourites already! We read "the tiger that came to tea" by Judith Kerr, right before tea time and then we had our very own Busy Bee tiger come to tea. The children were very kind to the tiger, offering it biscuits and sharing their milk!

The super sorting pie is another new resource which gets the children thinking about the properties of plastic fruit - we spoke about what colour fruits are and how they come in different colours or change colours. The plastic grabbers which are to be used with the super sorting pie were quite a challenge but everybody was willing to have a try and it was great to see the children problem solve and improve their fine motor skills.

The Busy Bees are also in the process of building a Humpty Dumpty using balloons and paper mache and his wall by painting cardboard and making them into bricks. When this is finished we are going to use it to practise counting while singing the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme!

Hope you all have a good bank holiday weekend, from the Busy Bees team.


We have had a lot of birthdays these last couple of weeks so all our role play has been focused around this. We have made birthday cakes from blocks for our friends and have made cards for each other. This led to discussions about the months and years of when our birthdays are and we have been doing some counting to find out how old we are!

We have been putting the finishing touches to our musical instruments this week, painting them our favourite colours. Of course, the best part was when they were dry and the children could make lots of noise with them – they got so enthusiastic I think we could be heard in the high street!

On the topic of finishing things off we have been putting the finishing touches to our under the sea display. We had a little game where the children had to guess where the bubbles would go, they all guessed they would go next to the fishes mouth so we then found our own mouths and pretended we were fish!

Out in the garden we have been playing 'emergency, call 999!' Our boat has been stuck in a wall and Fireman Sam is coming to the rescue! He's been pushing and pulling with all his might with the help of his crew! We have also played football, we have been aiming for the goal and cheering loudly when a goal was scored.


Week Commencing 7th August


This week went so fast for all of us in Daisies, probably because we have been so busy with lots of messy play and all our babies have been fabulous!

The children really enjoyed the sand play, making marks in it using their fingers, the toy cars and even the sparkly balls! Although, we had to stop a couple of times as one little girl thought the sand was a very yummy meal. She looked at us as though she couldn't understand why we didn't appreciate the taste of the delicious sand. How couldn't we?!

We also have had many chatty babies, pointing to the toys and saying 'Ta', or even making some 'roars' while playing with the animals. How clever!

The books have been very popular this week and some of our little ones even pulled themselves to stand, holding themselves onto the book corner shelf so they could pick their favourite books independently!

And finally, we have spent this lovely sunny morning in the garden, where our babies have had a great time playing with many toys, especially the sea-saws.

Have a lovely weekend everybody, from everyone at Daisies.


This week in Dragonflies, we have loved the cars and garage! Every day, the children have been lining the cars up in the parking spaces and pushing them down the ramp, saying 'weeeee!'

There have been some first steps happening this week too, which has made everyone so happy!! The children get so excited when we give them lots of praise; it's so lovely to see! Lots of clever Dragonflies!

The big garden has been so much fun again this week. The children love exploring all the toys, doing lots of climbing on the boat and pretending to drive it by turning the wheel. They also loved whizzing down the slide and then trying to climb back up it again! Our infant friends also had some glittery sand to play with, so the children loved getting involved, making some lovely marks using little sticks.

We have got some great helpers in Dragonflies too, which is lovely! When all of the spaghetti that we were playing with fell on the floor, one boy went over to find the brush and the dustpan and helped to sweep it all up! All the other children wanted to join in too, although I'm not sure if they were helping, or just making more mess! This carried on in the garden too, helping to sweep up all the sand!

Have a lovely weekend!

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have been painting! We began with some hand painting, using our hands to create different animals. We made a monkey and even a parrot, although the favourite was definitely the lion which brought with it a round of ‘Rawrrrr!!!’

We have also done some body painting; everyone really enjoyed it, mixing the colours to create new ones. This was an amazing activity because one of our quieter more reluctant Incy Wincies really took to it and came out of her shell more.

We ended our week off by visiting our friends in Dragonflies and we even celebrated one of our Incy Wincies upcoming birthdays!

Have a great weekend see you all next week!

Busy Bees

This week in Busy Bees we have had a week of all sorts! Parachute games in the garden, with Jess leading the action, lots of balls on the parachute and sheer delight from the children as they threw it high into the air and the balls flew even higher!

Inside, we had a morning of bathing our toy babies and talked about caring for our younger siblings with some lovely imitation of parents. A dinosaur or two ended up having a bath too with the children checking for bubbles between dinosaur toes!

A trip to the garden to gather wind fallen sticks found us back in our room making shelters for our animals, woodland creatures and farm animals. The children thought a giraffe and an elephant might like a new home and that the shelters would have to be ‘gigantanormous!’

Air drying clay was the messiest fun in the garden. Handling the cold, wet clay we heard lots of ‘squeeeeeeeze’ and ‘yucky!’ While some wonderful shapes were made before flattened again!

As we love singing and rhyming so much with the children, this week's 'Busy Bees Challenge' comes from 'Communication and Language - Listening and attention' 'Shows interest in play with sounds, songs and rhymes' so we would love to see you singing your child’s favourite song or rhyme together. Please feel free to upload onto Tapestry or show us at nursery!

Have a great weekend everyone.


We started off this week by painting a giant squid for our sleep room in Ladybirds, we used rollers to make marks whilst the children all sang ‘rolling rolling rolling!’

We have been looking at how we are all different this week and we gave the children mirrors so that they could draw themselves. This led to lots of funny faces and chat ‘I have black hair like daddy,’ ‘I have two hands, two hands and one mouth.’

Today we are going to do our favourite thing… getting messy! We are going to do some splatter painting to turn into fish for our sleep room. In the garden, the children have still been obsessed with music so there’s been lots of singing and using tennis rackets as guitars!

Our moment of the week came when one of the children told us she was off to work. She said she works from one to three and does dancing and lots of things, and she has to wear a blue shirt! We all had a good giggle as she put on a bag and got ready!

Have a lovely weekend.


We have had a lovely week in Preschool looking at lots of different things! We started the week talking about where we had been in the world, talking about holidays and looking at maps and the globe. The children were interested in drawing pictures of where they had been and what they had seen.

There has also been a huge interest in rockets, with children using the marble run to make them. So, one morning, we made our own rockets out of junk modelling. This of course, went off on a tangent with children wanting to make all sorts of wonderful things with their modelling! At one point, I heard Robbie say, ‘I can't make a cat out of this cereal box!’ They did actually did end up making a 'cat,' and also some of the children had made their own 'beards,' to be just like Rob!

We've enjoyed our water play and used the marble run in the water trays to create water ways. The children used water beads instead of marbles to test out their runs. We've had lots of play outside and joined Busy Bees for some parachute games!

Next week, we are going to be looking at our favourite stories, so do bring in your child's favourite (with their name on) if you would like, we are going to be sharing them together throughout the week and doing some work on storytelling.

Have a wonderful weekend! Preschool team.


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