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Week Commencing 17th July 2017


What a busy week here in Daisies! Our babies have had so much fun doing a lot of messy art pieces and we are so proud of our little artists!

The children have been mixing colours and creating some lovely foot prints and free drawing pictures for our new display board. We are still finishing it but you will see it very soon. How exciting! And... I have to admit, we couldn’t resist their artistic attack, even when that meant they covered themselves with all the colours, looking like little rainbows!

Oh, and this week, we have had a couple of our boys who are starting to walk and another little girl who is very close to it and can stand unsupported and independently now! So clever!

Have a wonderful weekend, from everyone at Daisies!


This week in Dragonflies, we've been finishing our under the sea display with our turtles. The children loved gluing and sticking pieces of material onto the plates, also adding the eyes which were placed in funny places!

The children have also been climbing all over the place so we've been encouraging climbing on the soft play - their favourite game is to bounce altogether with lots of laughter!

The children have also been practising drawing circles and holding their pens during garden drawing.

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy WIncy Spiders it has been all about colours. We have used a variety of different things to help us from ball games to the role play kitchen, where we talked about the colours of the cups and plates.

Of course, we also did some painting, cutting and sticking! We used glitter and learned that it can be used to make the very biggest mess!

Our highlight of the week was our favourite activity  - our hand prints just because everyone loves to paint their hands!


We’ve had another fun week in Ladybirds! We started off the week making play dough together in our favourite colours ‘I like blue the best.’ We have had lots of fun cutting out shapes and rolling it out like cakes.

We have had lots of deliveries this week which meant lots of boxes, so of course, we made our own tunnels and played jack in the box! The children loved hiding in the boxes and jumping up shouting ‘boo!’ We all loved the thunder storm and the children got very excited, shouting ‘BANG!’ every time we heard a rumble!

Have a great weekend.


We have continued looking at our bodies this week in Preschool – with lots of fine motor skills. A new ‘sorting pie’ game has been a big hit, along with sorting animals with the children having to use tweezers to move objects around.

 We have created a new art board in the garden room where children’s art work can be displayed, taken home or added to whenever they like.

We have looked at our homes and where we live – drawing our houses and talking about what numbers are on our doors. We then used our ‘beebot’ a new toy robot to move from house to house.

We have also looked at recycling this week. We have recently purchased new recycle bags and the children have helped us organise a pile of rubbish into the right bag. As you will see from the photo, we also constructed a wonderful ‘animatronics robot man!’

A moment that made us all laugh this week was when one of our wonderful boys had a ‘baby’ in his tummy – A ball up his t shirt! I asked him whether it was a boy or a girl to which he responded ‘a boy.’ I then asked him what he was going to call it and he said ‘oh, actually, it’s maybe just pudding!’

Have a great weekend and good luck to all our school leavers as this is our last week with some of them.


Week Commencing 10th July 2017


This week in Daisies it has all been about exploring! Our babies have loved getting messy, as always, with anything they could - flour, oats, paint, water and even their food!

This week, Sally brought us in some bubbles and our babies have had so much fun playing with and popping them. We have had so many ‘oh’s,’ laughs and giggles from the children as they pointed to them.

The children also have been making some pen marks, drawing on paper, the floors and our arms! It was funnier apparently!

Oh and I got very told off by a little girl, for not allowing her to eat Sudocream - evidently I know nothing about gastronomy!!!!

We wish you a lovely weekend, from everyone in Daisies.


In Dragonflies this week, we have started creating some lovely artwork for our new ‘seaside’ display. We have made some handprint crabs and some roller painting to make some seaweed. The children found it very tickly having their hands painted and loved looking at all the marks they made with the rollers! They also liked rubbing their hands in the paint, ending up with very green hands! We will be doing lots more artwork over the next couple of weeks, so our display will soon be complete!

Bubbles have been a huge hit this week too! The children absolutely love them, and they are guaranteed to cheer everyone up! We did them in the garden, with everyone chasing after them, trying to pop them! They watched as they floated up into the sky, and also crawled around to pop them as they landed on the floor.

Everyone has been practising their running skills too, joining in with each other’s games. There were lots of ‘ready, steady, go!’ as the children ran up and down as fast as they could! I think the adults were more worn out than the children as we got chased around so much!

Have a lovely weekend!

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we have had lots of creative exploration. We have done lots of drawing and tested out all our art supplies to see the marks we could create with each one. Our highlight of this activity was when one of our little incy wincy’s, who normally doesn’t enjoy drawing, simply fell in love with our new oil pastels!

Our most enjoyed activity of this week was our magical tea party! We made full use of our amazing role play kitchen by pulling it into the middle of the room. With one little girl making tea for everyone and another telling me she was making pizza, it was a huge success!

Busy Bees

Firstly, we would like to say farewell to Gemma and wish her all the best for September when she starts University – Thank you Gemma and good luck!

This week our Busy Bees have been very creative! We have been working on our skills by doing lots of building with different materials – our big garden blocks and the smaller duplo blocks. The children have also been mixing colours using lots of shaving foam! They enjoyed mixing the primary colours to make beautiful purples, greens and oranges, though as always with Busy Bees, the colours quickly descended into a muddy mess!

Balloon tennis at the beginning of the week let some of our children really show off their hand, eye coordination skills! Many of our younger ones just enjoyed hitting the balloons with their hands whilst others were ready for Wimbledon with their racket skills!

Our new displays have also started to take shape in the play room with our handprint animal alphabet completed. The children have been asking where their handprint is and some have just enjoyed pointing to the display excitedly. They are definitely proud of their work!

Our moment of the week happened when a member of staff was playing in the sand pit with a child. The staff member got up to move away then turned around as they heard their name and was then told to ‘sit!’ while the child pointed angrily into the sand pit! On days like this we wonder who is really in charge!

Have a lovely weekend, from the Busy Bees Team.


Heidi brought us some lovely environment cards this week in Ladybirds so we have used them to extend our play. We looked at different things we may find in our environment and explored some dry and wet mud, water, sand and straw. One child told us the wet mud was ‘yucky’ another told us they like to jump in muddy puddles like Peppa, and  another child was able to tell us that you find sand on a beach! Mother nature helped us develop our play too by sending rain our way so we put on our puddle suits and wellies and headed outside to take part in our favourite activity...jumping in puddles! The children had so much fun, holding hands to jump together and we had lots of laughter - one child even decided that he would use the boat in the garden to go home…not a bad idea at all!

The children have been loving the book ‘Peely Wally’ this week and so we decided to decorate our very own eggs just like hers, this led to lots of talk about chicks and what else comes out of eggs.

It is one of the children's 3rd birthday tomorrow so we are having a bit of a party! We would like to say a massive thank you to the childs parents who have brought in a wonderful selection of fruit that we can't wait to eat, along with party hats, balloons and whistles. We can't wait to get our party started and have had a chorus of happy birthday already!

Have a lovely weekend.


Week Commencing 26th June 2017


This week in Daisies, we have welcomed some new babies who are settling really well and making lots of new friends already.

Lots of our babies have spent their week pulling themselves up to stand and going around the room holding onto the sofa, the wooden house and anything that they find to support themselves!

The babies loved getting messy playing with the oats and glitter. They liked it so much they even tried to eat it, because who doesn’t want to eat something so sparkly and tasty, right?!

Oh, and we ended the week with a proper party involving a big mountain of shredded paper! Our babies loved it so much they spent the whole morning ‘diving’ in! Some them even tried to hide inside, putting the paper all over their bodies and smiling when we found them!

We wish you a really good weekend, from everyone at Daisies.


This week, the Dragonflies have been able to go outside and enjoy the cooler weather! We have been learning about sharing and taking turns in the garden with the bikes and rocking horses. The children had a great time! Some of them have also been working on their running skills, zooming up and down the garden, and shouting ‘Ready Steady Go!’

We have had a little cafe out this week, where the children have been making food and sitting at the table pretending to serve tea to each other! There was plenty of chatting and exploring how to get in the washing machine or stick their heads through the sink!

We also did some marble painting, using three different colours, and created some awesome mark making. There was a lot of concentration and patience during this activity and the children enjoyed moving the tray back and forth and watching the marbles create their own patterns.

All of the children have been very affectionate this week, so we got the babies out with the buggies and they have been cuddling them, covering them with blankets, and showing them off, saying ‘baby’ and ‘cuddle.’

Hope you have a great weekend and look forward to more exploring next week!

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week has been all about paint in Incy Wincy Spiders - If we could paint it or paint with it we did! It all started with splatter painting, where we decorated the card clothes we had created for our brand new seasonal clothes display. Now as you can imagine, paint went everywhere! We then went on to do some vehicle painting where we also practised identifying objects by name. We got a car and a train and looked at all the different marks we could create. Of course, to end our week, we will be doing lots more painting, finger painting and painting shapes!

We have also bid a fond farewell to one of our little Incy Wincy’s this week, seeing her grow has been amazing and we wish her all the best in Busy Bees!

Busy Bees

This week in Busy Bees we have enjoyed playing with cars and talking about what we can see out of the car window. We cleared the messy room and drew a big road on the floor with chalk, then drew some of the things the children said they could see – ‘Trees, houses, people, cows!’ They then drove the cars on the road but some toy people wanted to cross where it wasn’t safe, so we drew a zebra crossing and some traffic lights and spoke about what the colours mean. Red means 'stop' and green means 'ready, steady off we go!’ They drove their cars around and when they got to the traffic lights I shouted 'red light' and they stopped, letting the people cross the road. I then shouted 'green' and off they went! The children really enjoyed this and were really good at talking about the world around them.

We have also done some target games out in the garden where the children were really good at listening and enjoyed throwing bean bags into different shaped targets.

We used the emotion flash cards, identifying happy and sad, the children were brilliant at it, with one little girl signing sad.

We had our weekly band practice and if I may say so myself were getting very good! Our favourite song to play to is 'twinkle, twinkle, little star.’ We have noticed our busy bees associating items with songs - when picking up a bus, a child starting singing 'wheels on the bus' and the same with a turtle they started singing 'tiny turtle.’

We've also been experimenting with textures - we played with spaghetti, which was warm and 'sticky' and we have played with ice which was very cold and slippery. The children were good at talking about what it felt like, chatting to each other about it. One child was running around with spaghetti stuck to them going 'ahhh its stuck to me!' And another child screwed his nose up at it and said 'eughh disgusting!’

We hope you have a lovely weekend everyone.


This week we have been exploring colours in Ladybirds. The children picked their favourite coloured feathers and stuck them onto paper to make head bands and some matching bracelets - ‘look at my princess hat!’

We had a fun game in the garden when a staff member asked a small group of children to find different coloured objects in the garden. All of our clever Ladybirds were able to find something red, yellow and green. It was so lovely to watch them working as a team and when one child couldn't find something yellow, another child led her over to a yellow ball and showed it to her....great team work!


Firstly, we must say a huge welcome to Carolyn who joins us in Preschool as a Level 3 Nursery Nurse. She loves outside play and has inspired us with lots of new exciting things for us to do in the gardens this week!

The children have been very interested in volcanoes, so of course, we made our own out of paper mache and sand. We used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to see how a volcano erupts and read lots of facts about them. The sand volcanoes then turned into a dinosaur land with rocks and plants – we found some ferns in the garden and talked about how the dinosaurs ate plants when they were on the earth!

We have also been practising numbers with a few games of bashing – A technical term! We froze some ice ‘balls’ and rolled them as hard as we could against some numbered plastic bottles. The children then were asked to recognise the numbers and add together all the ones they had knocked down!

We’ve been looking at our positional language, so in small groups, the children have practised hiding ‘treasure’ and describing where it is in the room.

We’ve also had some great games in the garden – our favourite from the week – ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf!’

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Week Commencing 19th June 2017


We have had a very interesting week in Daisies. With the heat wave, our babies have been splashing about with water almost every day! They loved the water play so much and some of them didn’t hesitate in ‘diving’ straight in to the water tray! Although, one little girl wasn’t too sure about the idea of getting wet, so she preferred to observe from a distance, clapping when something funny happened!

We also got really messy drawing shapes in flour using the stacking cups. However, it wasn’t just the stacking cups that got covered in flour, we did too!

Oh, and would you like to know about the moment of week? Well, we have had a little party on Tuesday to celebrate Sasha’s birthday and our babies had a wonderful time having fun with the balloons and the sparkly banners!

Have a lovely weekend, from everyone in Daisies.


This very hot weather has meant a lot of ice and water play this week in Dragonflies. The children loved the ‘cold’ glittery ice and ended up being covered in glitter for the rest of the day! The garden has been fun too, with lots of climbing in and out of the new tyres we have. The children have also been very good at hiding under our new gazebo. This is also a lovely place to have some picnic teas! Playing at the sand tray has been fun as always but because of all the sun cream the children have been wearing, the sand stuck to them from head to toe!

Books have been very popular this week, with all the children spending lots of time chilling in the book corner reading stories to themselves. They all take so much interest in all the pictures.

We have been building lots with the wooden blocks, with one boy building a ‘castle.’ He was very proud of it!

Have a great weekend!

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week in Incy Wincy Spiders, it has been all been about the sunshine! It has been so hot that most of our Incy Wincy’s have enjoyed running around in their nappies, which of course, meant one little girl followed me around telling me ‘look at my tummy Tate.’

We have enjoyed lots of messy and creative play this week. Our highlights of the week by far was our creative painted washing line where we learned how the sun dries our shorts, tops, dresses and much more.

Our second highlight came with lots of glitter! We explored our senses and just how messy we could get with glittery soap foam and let me tell you, we could get very messy! We ended up very glittery, which one of our little girls said was ‘lovely.’

And of course, we couldn’t possibly end the week without a visit to our furry friends! Have a lovely weekend, see you next week.

Busy Bees

This week in Busy Bees we have had lots of band practise! We’ve been practising very hard and we’re starting to sound quite good, well, we may need a little more practise but we’re certainly not awful! The children are really interested in the noises the instruments make. It’s so nice to see so many happy, smiley faces when making music.

As it’s been very hot this week we’ve done a lot of water play! Some children have been soaking themselves from head to toe to keep cool!

To continue tradition, we’ve got messy this week! We played with water mixed with glitter and soap to make it bubbly! We then put some animals and cups in the water, so the children enjoyed tipping and pouring the water into cups and washing all the animals. We have also done some cutting and sticking and some painting.

The children practised their balancing and took part in an assault course - they climbed along tyres, blocks, planks and logs and they were very good at it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


We have been really enjoying the story ‘Kitchen Disco’ in Ladybirds which is our book of the week. We updated our display and drew some pictures of our favourite fruits from the story ‘Mango, banana! Grapefruit goes whroo!’

We have been making the most of the beautiful weather again this week spending lots of time outside, we have enjoyed filling up buckets with water and splashing around in the water tray. We have also built lots of sand castles.

We paid another visit to Tom and Jerry and had a picnic tea in front of them. The children enjoyed watching what Tom and Jerry did and got very excited when Lucy got Tom out to say hello.

To cool us down inside we have been having lots of water play and played a catch a duck game seeing if we could catch ducks in our nets. This proved lots of fun and led to some wonderful counting when the children counted up the ducks they had managed to catch.

Have a lovely sunny weekend!


Week Commencing 12th June 2017


This week in Daisies, our babies have been very busy exploring with anything that could make a noise by banging, shaking or simply moving it! That’s why the instruments and musical toys have been very popular, especially the musical chair and the Peppa Pig toy car. They have also complemented the music with some lovely actions, and a couple of them even did all the movements to songs such as Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Most afternoons our babies have spent a great time out in the garden, enjoying the lovely weather and having picnics at snack time.

And… this week we got really messy and ended up all covered in blue! The reason?!  The babies made special cards for their Dads using blue paint, glitter and of course their FEET! In fact, their whole bodies in some cases! Our babies loved the experience so much they couldn’t resist splashing in the paint and making marks everywhere.

Oh, I almost forgot, we have also had a Tissue Party, created by one of our little girls! It must have been very funny and interesting as it made her so happy!

We wish you all a lovely weekend and a very special Father’s Day on Sunday, from the Daisies Team.


We have had lots of fun in Dragonflies this week, spending plenty of time outside and of course, enjoying the sunshine! In the garden, the children enjoyed riding on the bikes, playing peek-a-boo in the cube and making marks in the sand. There were also a lot of ‘what’s that?’ and pointing to the sky whenever a plane flew over!

We have also been looking at shapes, using the bean bags. The children liked playing alongside each other and laying them all out on the ramp. They then repeated all the shapes names, and were able to recognise the circle. We had more fun with the ramp, making an obstacle course, which the children loved! There was lots of climbing, and throwing the bean bags into the boxes at the end. Some girls enjoyed filling the boxes up with all the bean bags and then emptying them again. This kept them occupied for quite some time!

The children really enjoyed ice cube play – keeping cool in the hot weather! They were picking up the ice and some even put it in their mouths! They also liked watching the ice slide around the tray, leaving lots of different marks.

We have been making some lovely Father’s Day cards for the Dads too using hand and footprints. We hope you like them!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Incy Wincy Spiders

This week it has been all about colours in Incy Wincy Spiders, which has meant lots of painting, especially finger painting, and of course lots of mess! We used colours to help our little spiders communicate more by encouraging them to ask for which one they wanted. They have learnt colours through many different avenues, including their favourite books and also things they could find in the garden. It has been so beautifully sunny that we took full advantage and played outside and of course visited our furry friends Tom and Jerry!

Our special moment of the week was when one of our little girls discovered how to whistle!

As our week comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to wish all our wonderful Dads a very Happy Fathers Day!

Busy Bees

This week in Busy Bees, the children have been playing together really well with new friendships forming most days! We have seen some excellent sharing too with many children giving toys to one another once they had finished with them. It is so lovely to see our newest Busy Bees settling in so well!

We have been doing some more creative activities which have been the focus most days this week. At the beginning of the week, we started making our paper mache hot air balloons for our growing weather display in the messy room. The children got very excited about the balloons! They soon learned how to use the watery glue to stick down the paper.

We also did some more painting, although the Busy Bees staff were very glad to have a break from cleaning after last weeks’ mess! We did cling film and watercolour painting but the busy bees still got to create some amazing pictures and patterns whilst avoiding at least some of the mess!

On Wednesday, we made some yummy muffin pizzas for tea with the children getting excited about eating them (and some having a pre-oven bite!) Our pizzas had some sweetcorn, ham, cheese and tomato on them and were delicious!

Busy Bees were also excited to make Heidi a birthday card to wish her Happy Birthday for Friday and tell her how much we enjoy her visits to Busy Bees! Happy Birthday Heidi!

Our moment of the week comes from when we were making paper mache hot air balloons when two children had their hands covered in so much glue that the paper became stuck to them and they ran around shouting ‘We’re newspaper monsters!’

Have a lovely weekend, from the Busy Bees team.


We have had a wonderful week in Ladybirds! At the beginning of the week, we finished off our summer board and the children had lots of fun sticking shiny paper onto aeroplanes. ‘Oh shiny’  and ‘it’s a aeroplane’ could be heard. The children had fun playing with the sand and were transporting it from container to container while during foam play they were washing the ducks!

On Wednesday, we had an extra special afternoon - we had a picnic in the front garden with Incy Wincy Spiders and two very special guests… Tom & Jerry (the friendly rabbits). The children had so much enjoyment from watching and stroking the rabbits. They were all so gentle and asking lots of questions ‘Lucy, do the rabbits have water?’ ‘What do the rabbits eat?’ ‘Do they eat chocolate?’ When I was inside the run with the rabbits, one of the little girls said (while attempting to get in too) ‘Shall I get in? I can help!’ We all had so much fun!

We have also made for all the wonderful Dads, Fathers Day cards. The children have been wearing the cards as ties. We hope you like them!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend everyone! And Ladybirds look forward to having a fun themed book week for the ‘Kitchen Disco!’


A very exciting week in Preschool – our butterflies have hatched! Each day, we’ve been out in the gardens to find flowers and sticks for their habitat! So we’ve talked lots about their life cycle and started designing our own beautiful butterflies.

The sun has finally come out which has meant lots of garden time – water play, sand and bark play and creating speed boats, castles and a tank with a swimming pool in the middle out of our wooden unit blocks!! We have also been very interested in trains this week so we’ve set the children tasks each day to use all the pieces to fill the carpet area with track.

One of the children’s favourite things is to read traditional stories with our wooden characters, so we spent a morning reading those and getting the children to retell the stories back to us. We then developed his into the children making their own books – they drew pictures and told us what was happening on each page.

We’ve also been getting very creative with all our craft resources – the kids got VERY sticky but produced some lovely pictures. We do encourage the children to help us tidy up, however, this was a task and a half for the adults, let alone the kids!

Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend.


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