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Baby Unit


Age: 8 weeks to 15 months

We have a dedicated baby unit onsite so staff can give each child the individual care they need using age appropriate activities and resources. We follow the same routine that you have at home to ensure that your baby feels secure and happy. At your settling session, you will discuss this in detail with the Room Leader and have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish.

In order to promote each baby’s learning and development we have a large array of sensory resources within the room such as lights, black and white areas and different textures that they can play with. Our staff are also fully trained in baby massage and are able to offer this at relaxation times upon request.

Each baby has a home book that your key worker will fill in everyday detailing your child’s activities. It also lets you know about how much your child has eaten, the times they have slept and nappy changes.


Example of home book entry:

Breakfast: Toast – All

Lunch: Poached fish in tomato sauce with rice – All. Flapjack – All

Snack: Sandwiches

Nappies: 9.30 dirty, 12.30 wet, 2.45 wet

Milk: 2 x 150mls

“Little Munchkin has had a great day today. This morning we did some drawing and he was very interested in the pencil and looking at the marks they left on the paper. He also loved playing with the shredded foil. He was shaking it onto the floor then laughing when I put it back in the box. This afternoon we played in the garden and little Munchkin enjoyed throwing the bouncy balls and chasing after them.”


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Munchkins Day Nursery Exeter
Munchkins Day Nursery Exeter