Fun, fun, fun!


This week in the Annexe the children have had loads of fun!

This week begun much like last week with some celebrating! Only this week began with Halloween! We saw some amazing costumes from children and staff alike! The children enjoyed exploring textures with the pumpkins and even took part in some great painting!

The children were a great help this week by helping make a wonderful cheesecake and biscuits for our Halloween bake off! The children have been doing some lovely free drawing, working on building their hand muscles and a little hand eye co-ordination this week also.

The children have also enjoyed some role-play and small world fun this week also. We have seen some baby role-play with the children taking care of their own babies just like Mummy and Daddy and some fun in the role-play kitchen with one little girl making food for all her friends!


Last week in Busy Birds the children have been working on building their muscles!

Busy Birds begun the week by carving some pumpkins, the team obviously doing the hard work and then the children worked on scooping out the insides and looking at the different textures which was a fantastic way to introduce them to new descriptive words. The children had a great time taking part in the Halloween spooky bake, Busy Birds helped the team make their very own Oz. They made a little house from gingerbread, a yellow brick road from crushed up hard candy and even some little witch's feet to go under the house!

The children have also been doing fun filled activities such as threading and making fruit skewers, this is not only helping the children to build their hand muscles, but it also helps them work on some small fine motor skills as well as their hand eye co-ordinations. Busy Birds have had plenty of fun with role play, we’ve seen chefs and handy men today with one little boy going around fixing things!


This week in Preschool the children have been showing great kindness!

This begun with the children having their very own Halloween party, we saw some amazing outfits, we had a witch and a spooky skeleton! The children were kind to each other, turn taking with games and making sure everyone was included in the dancing fun they were having. Preschool have been building some lovely friendships this week which has been a great help to the new little children who have recently moved over from Busy Birds, it was a lovely way to help them reconnect with each other and show great kindness to each other.

The children also have enjoyed a range of activities to help with their hand muscles, they had a great time with doing cutting and sticking, one little girl cut different pictures from a magazine and made her own little picnic.