What a weak!


What a fun week the children have had in the Annexe!

The children have had an amazing time exploring different textures. They did some sticking looking at different shapes while feeling out the textures learning through their senses. This week the children have been exploring small world toys as well and are especially fond of the different vehicles with the cars being a resounding favourite.

The children in the Annexe were so excited to see snow on wednesday! They even got to go out and play in it for a little before deciding it was far to cold.

Busy Birds

Busy Birds have had a real blast this week!

The children began their week as they usual do with some fantastic dancing with Miss Annabell! The children really love their time doing Twirly Tots and most of them look forward to seeing Miss Annabell every week.

The children have been heavily working on building up their core muscles and their ability to balance. Working on core strength has numerous benefits, from improved posture, balance, and movement to pain management and injury prevention.

This week the children have continued to enjoy working on their imaginative play with baby role play and have continued to develop their love of stories!


Pre-School have had such an amazing week!

The children this week have been enjoying a lot of fun learning opportunities from developing their communication and understanding of different descriptive words to building up their hand eye co-ordination and hand muscles during cutting fun.

Pre-School have been using pegs this week to work on their fine motor skills while incorporating some counting into their learning. They have also had a great time in the role play kitchen making lunch for everyone.