Learning Fun!


We have had so much fun in the Annexe this week!

The children have been having loads of fun with some of the small world toys, cars, trains and trucks are always a fan favourite with the children particularly enjoying looking at the ways the wheels turn.

In the Annexe this week we have seen lots of strong leg muscles forming as some children have been practicing their best walking. Leg development helps children learn mobility, explore and interact with their environment, and actively participate in activities. Babies develop and strengthen leg muscles by learning and building upon gross motor skills involving movement and play. Babies begin to gain control of leg muscles by stretching and moving their legs.

Finally the children in the Annexe enjoyed getting Messy with some flour play, this was a fun chance to continue developing those descriptive words and learning new words on a whole.

Busy Birds

What an amazing week we have all had in Busy Birds!

This week we got to welcome some new faces as some children joined us on a visit, it was lovely to spend time with them after having their siblings with us in years past.

In Busy Birds we always begin the week the same way with Miss Annabell, easily the highlight of the week. The children got to do some amazing dancing and go just a little crazy for an hour skipping and dancing around the room in lots of different ways.

In Busy Birds the children have also been exploring textures, we put some shaving foam and paint on the table and covered it in cling film, this created a new texture for the children to explore and also created some mess free messy play which was great for the children who don't really enjoy getting messy.


This week in Pre-School has been so much fun!

We have really enjoyed spending some time with the children who will be transitioning with us soon from Busy Birds, they have all been doing so well on their visits and are settling into Pre-School as if they have always been there!

This week we have been engaging in lots of fun activities, the children enjoyed looking at shapes when making valentines cards using some heart shaped cookie cutters, this was also a good chance for some of the group to look at colours and how they can be different, light pink and dark pink both the same colour but different shades.

The children ran with the theme of colours this week and spent some time practicing mixing colours and learning about what colours they can combine to make new ones, yellow and blue making green, red and white making pink.

We have continued our number learning this week by stacking blocks so that we could practice our counting from 1-10 and beyond with some of our pre-schoolers. The importance of numeracy in early childhood can be assessed from the fact that children who develop a good understanding of math are often confident when it comes to decision-making.