Learning is Fun!


The Annexe have had an amazing week!

They have spent a good amount of time in the garden exploring the world around them we saw some lovely bonds being formed between the children and lovely friendships have begun. The children have enjoyed playing in the sand and spending a bit of time with their friends in the older rooms.

While in the garden the children also have been building up some of those core muscles and some upper and lower body strength while practicing their climbing. They used the little climbing steps and also the boat and slide to practice their best climbing.

The children have also been doing some fantastic turn taking this week when doing some baking! Each child took it in turns adding different things to the bowl and looking at the way the ingredients combined together. Turn taking is an important skill for children to develop, in order to effectively participate in social communications. Learning to take turns during an activity will prepare your children for those crucial listening skills for conversations later in life.

Busy Birds

What a week we have had in Busy Birds!

The week kicked off as it always does with some amazing fun with Miss Annabell. Twirly tots is our favourite way to start the week and all the children always have such an amazing time dancing around and building up their muscles. This week we saw some children who are sometimes more reluctant to join in participating as well which was really lovely to witness.

The children got creative this week and practiced some fine motor skills when creating their own flags. The children worked on building those hand muscles while they did drawing. This also gave the children a chance to practice holding pens and pencils and other drawing apparatus. The children were able to work on moving from a full handed to a three fingered grip.

Finally the children had a great time making animal footprints in 'snow' which was made of flour. This gave the children a chance to have a good look at sizes and compare big and little foot prints which was a great way to learn some new language.


Pre-School have had so much fun this week!

This week the children have been practicing their best counting skills. We saw lots of shops being opened. Some were grocery shops, cafe and even an ice cream shop. The children practiced counting with the money and making sure they gave the correct change. This was a lovely experience to watch though some children did end up charging £15 and £20 for an ice cream.

The children continued to engage their imagination with some baby role play as well. They had a great time setting up the kitchen so their babies could sit down ready for breakfast. We also saw one little girl giving her own hand over to a 'mummy'. When asked what she was doing the little girl said. "I'm doing an Annexe hand over." Which we clearly thought was brilliant.

Finally the children spent some time playing with what we call spare parts which consists of things such as shells, pine cones and all the other fun things you find in the environment. This gave the children an amazing chance to look into different textures and also think about where these different things are found in the world around us.