Craft Fun!


What a week we have had in the Annexe!

The children have been absolutely loving the new climbing ball pit, especially when it involves throwing the balls in every direction all over the room. This always gets lots of giggles!

The children have been getting very engaged in lots of messy play this week as well and were especially fond of the coloured rice which one little boy kindly decided to share with a member of the team.

We also have seen some fun mark making activities this week which help the children to build up those little muscles in their hands which will help later in teaching them how to write.

Busy Birds

We have had so much fun in Busy Birds this week!

The children had a great time making some crowns in mind with the coronation, some children chose to use paint, pencils, pens and even glue and other fun sticky things. This was a great way to let the children explore their own creativity likes and dislikes.

The children have also had a great time in the garden exploring lots of different things but were especially fond of the animals this week. It was really great to see lots of sharing and interest in the different animals they could see.


Pre-School had so much fun last week!

The children have been showing a lot of interest in the climbing wall and its been so amazing to witness the progress they have made. Where some children needed support in the past they are now able to carry themselves across with little help. This is a great way to build those upper body muscles..

The children also did some mark making this week helping to build hand muscles and practice their tripod grips as well. The children did their free drawing with chalk on the floor and walls in the garden.