Adventure is out there!

The Annexe!

What an amazing week the children in the Annexe have had!

The week started off with some more fun in the sun, the children have been benefiting so much from the big garden and having more time outside. They particularly enjoyed a bit of water play at the beginning of the week, filling jugs and pouring them back out again and of course a little splashing!

Water play is a fantastic activity for developing children’s hand-eye coordination as they learn to pour, squeeze, stir and even paint with water. For example, through pouring water from one bucket to another, or learning how to control the direction and size of a splash, children are improving their sense of accuracy and control.

We also have seen some climbing in the garden this week as well, the children are really perfecting climbing up the little steps and into the slide. Climbing is a unique activity that engages multiple parts of the brain and helps kids develop skills like spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and even working memory.

Allowing your child to climb can seem quite daunting and even scary at times but it also helps teach them at an early age the importance of safety and to recognize risks. You can continue this learning at home through fun in the garden or a trip to the park on a sunny day.

Busy Birds

What a week we have had in Busy Birds!

This week the children have had loads of fun in the sun and have been benefitting from not only the back garden but also enjoying our newly opened learning garden out the front. This has given the children a great opportunity to understand how to care for things and they will eventually be able to see how thing such as plants and crops grow and change over time.

During their time outside the children explored fun things such as water, they practiced their best climbing and even engaged their imagination when building different things from the large hollow blocks such as a helicopter!

The children have also joined in with a range of sensory activities this week as well. Engaging a child in sensory play helps strengthen their brain development for learning, which enhances their memory and ability to complete more complex learning tasks. The ways in which you can continue this at home are endless, anything can be sensory fun from water to things such as oats and flour. Something such as finger painting and even playdough can also count as sensory play.


Pre-School had a really great week!

This week in Pre-School we have had plenty of time in the garden. Pre-School had a great time throughout the week with Paul on the climbing dome. This is a fun way to teach the children about risks and how to be safe all while building those important upper body muscles.

The children engaged in fun things such as drawing this week, working on tripod grips, we saw some imagination play when utilizing shaving foam to make some pretend ice cream and some time building those little muscles in their hands when practicing their best cutting. The children have been practicing how to hold their scissors properly and safely and over the last couple weeks we have seen some drastic improvements on this.

During the week in Pre-School the children have also been practicing their turn taking as well during some small group games and fun times. The children had loads of fun playing a matching game which was a great way to engage their minds as well.