Fun times at Munchkins!

The Annexe

Last week the children have had so much fun getting messy! They have explored using all of their senses this week, exploring jelly play with sea creatures, and being introduced to new descriptive words was lots of fun all be it sticky!

The children also had an amazing time with Leah this week exploring with their sense of smell, one of the children helped Leah to pick some petals from flowers, Leah also encouraged them to smell the flowers and then alongside some friends explore the different smells created by mixing the flowers with conditioner.

Last week we saw some cooking in the Annexe too when making their own pizza's using tortilla, this was a lovely way for the children to see how things change over time, children can also be more likely to try new things when they create them themselves.

Busy Birds

We have seen some of our older children enjoying transitions to pre-school over the last week, moving up to the big room can be a big transition for some children but we have seen lots of smiles and really happy children enjoying exploring lots of new resources.

This week in Busy Birds the children have been enjoying sometime in the garden playing chase with their friends amidst lots of giggles! The children have also enjoyed spending time in the front garden as well, exploring the mud kitchen and looking at how the plants are growing and changing.

This month in Busy Birds our theme is friendship and kindness, with this in mind we have been encouraging turn taking and sharing with each other in small group activities such as playdough and while exploring lots of different textures with rice and lentils and other fun things!


We have seen many excited children coming back from there school visits though we can't quite believe they are already embarking on their next big adventure. We have heard all about their classes, their teachers and how excited they are to see some of their friends in their classes!

Last week Pre-School had a really great time, they played some ball games in the garden with Claire amidst many giggles, some of the children decided to use one of the big buckets to try and catch the ball in which they thought was very funny!

The children had a brilliant time at French this week with Marion too, they are getting so good at doing the words and Marion even commented that some of the quieter children have even begun to join in. The children were really happy to show me all the different animals they had printed on their arms.