All of the senses


We have had a great week in the Annexe!

We have seen the final day for a few of our little ones this week as they get ready to transition into the Busy Bird room. Though we are sad to see them go and will miss them we can't wait to see how they grow and change as they get older!

This week in the Annexe we have been exploring different textures with some messy shaving foam play in the garden and then some oats and other fun things during our time inside. Messy or sensory play is a real key part to a child's development. By exploring different textures children are introduced to new words, learn how different words have different meanings, sensory play also helps develop fine and gross motor skills as well as developing hand muscles and so many other things. Everything around can be a sensory exploration, you can continue this at home with paint, food play and so many other things don't be afraid to ask your team for ideas!

Busy Birds

Busy Birds have had a great time this week!

We have been exploring with our senses this week as well as building those all important hand muscles and also developing gross and fine motor skills.

Busy Birds have been working on how to correctly hold and use scissors this week safely while doing a little flower cutting. Busy Birds also engaged their imagination when using shaving foam to make some pretend cupcakes.

Finally we have been doing a lot of movement this week, practicing climbing on the slide as well as continuing with our yoga in the mornings. These are great ways to build muscles across the body as well as working on those core muscles and learning how to safely balance.


What a week we have had in Pre-School!

Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to all the school leaver who attended the graduation last Friday. It was really lovely to see you and get a chance to say good luck while sharing some funny memories.

This week in Pre-School we have continued practicing how to safely use scissors, this helps to build those all important muscles in the children's hands which will later help them learn to hold a pencil and write correctly.

We have also spent some time exploring with all our senses, touch with some messy play and we had lots of fun thinking about how different things smell when exploring some different scents with flowers and herbs.