Garden Fun!


We have had so much fun this week in the Annexe!

This week the children had a great time baking some short bread! This was a great chance to introduce those early turn taking and sharing skills. The babies did so well letting their friends have a turn and were of course very excited to see their biscuits baked!

In the Annexe this week we have also been having a great time exploring different textures with some sand play and also lots of imagination as always baby role play is a fan favourite amongst all our little ones.

The children also had a blast in the garden this week especially when the bats, tennis rackets and balls came out, they also did a bit of climbing while exploring the little play house as well by going up and down the steps!

Busy Birds!

Busy Birds have had a really great week!

This week we have been using the front garden quite a lot. It was great to see some of the children engaging in role play in the sand, some children were even pretending to be making chocolate! Exploring the mud kitchen is always fun and this week we did some painting as well, learning how the colours mix to create new ones while using their imaginations to think up different things to paint was lots of fun.

This week has been a rather creative week, in August we are going to really focus on developing some fine motor skills, this week that meant practicing using scissors to cut along lines which was also a good way to build those all important hand muscles. Fine motor skills can be developed at home as well lots of different ways such as threading some penne pasta onto strings.


We have had a fantastic week in Pre-School!

As we are coming up to our school leavers last days we are making sure all of our days of full of time building those important friendships and having so much fun with ball games, messy play and even a little baking.

Pre-School have had lots of fun with the rather erratic weather this week, jumping in puddles and learning a little about the weather, why it rains, where does thunder come from and lots of other fun things.

Pre-School have had a lot of creative fun this week as well, doing some simple free drawing and even experimenting with the marks different flowers make in paint.