We have had a lovely week in the Annexe!

This week we have been doing lots of fun activities while surviving the heat wave! We have had lots of fun in the garden looking at the different plants like the sunflowers and playing in the sandpit too.

The children have really been enjoying the sensory toys too and are especially fond of all the toys that make a bit of noise. We have been using this as a good way to teach some sharing early on and introduce turn taking to our little ones.

Finally we have had some messy fun and looking at new descriptive words with textures this week with some oats and lentils play.

Busy Birds

What a week we have had in Busy Birds!

This week Busy Birds have had loads of fun with water play due to the heat wave. The children have stayed cool by exploring the water, we did some filling and pouring and watching the way water moves down guttering pipes.

This week we have also been having loads of fun with free drawing, using different resources like pens, pencils, crayons and even chalks the children can practice that all important grip this will set them up to learn to hold pens correctly and eventually learn to write.


Pre-School have had an amazing all be it quite week!

This week we have had loads of fun in the sun, the children got to have a look and think about how gravity works when playing with hoops and when doing some pouring with water play, how does gravity make the water move and what does gravity do to the rolling hoop.

This week in Pre-School we have seen some wonderful blossoming new friendships as some new children join us both from outside the setting and from Busy Birds. It is so lovely to see especially some of our more shy children coming out of their shell's a little bit as well.

Pre-School would finally like to say we hope all our school leavers are enjoying their first days at school, we miss you!