All the fun things!


We have had an amazing week in the Annexe!

This week the children have been exploring a lot with their senses. The children started their week by making some delicious tortilla pizza's which they were able to enjoy at snack time. They practiced spreading the tomato paste and sprinkling on the cheese. The children were so excited (all be it a little impatient) to eat their creation

This week the children have enjoyed being creative too, they have done plenty of free drawing and had a really great time doing some painting as well. This painting activity gave the children a great chance to practice their palmar grip and also look at different colours.

Finally it wouldn't be a week in the under 2's without a bit of baking!

Busy Birds

Busy Birds have had an amazing week.

The children were so happy to start this week because their favourite person Miss Annabelle was back! That meant lots off jumping around, lots of dancing and plenty of time to just be silly!

This week Busy Birds enjoyed some table top painting as well, by covering the paint with cling film this meant that the children who are a little more reluctant to join in with messy activities got to benefit and think about those crucial descriptive words.

Busy Birds enjoyed a Bug Hunt this week with Tamika and Chelsey too, they had so much fun looking around the front garden for lots a different bugs. The children learned all about the different insects, what bees do with pollen, what spiders eat and practiced a little bit of maths while counting the spots on our stepping logs.


Pre-School have had an amazing week!

This week we a have welcomed some new children to Pre-School and they have settled in really well. It is so lovely to see some new friendships blossoming.

We have seen lots of role play this week in Pre-School some children have been taking turns to look after the babies, it is so sweet to see how gentle they are with them. The children have also been enjoying the role play kitchen as well pretending to cook some delicious meals for their friends.

This week Pre-School have been enjoying some wet weather play, jumping in puddles and learning about the rain. They have also had a great time in the garden playing with shaving foam and exploring descriptive language.