All the small things ????


What a great week we have had in the Annexe!

This week the children started getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween with some Halloween with some ghost painting! The children always love exploring textures and loved feeling the paint on their hand, they also built up some hand muscles and practiced their palmar (whole hand) grip on the paint brush.

This week we have seen a continued interest in books as well in the Annexe, the children love looking through all our different books and are especially fond of the touch and feel books which is an amazing way to introduce to them some new descriptive words when talking about how the different parts feel, soft, fluffy, rough.

Busy Birds

Busy Birds have had an amazing week!

This week busy birds have been building some lovely new friendships during small group time. The children are really working on turn taking and sharing at the moment as well - always something tricky for a 2 year old!

In Busy Birds we are getting into the Halloween mood with some hand painting - The children had a great time making some spooky ghosts out of their hand prints and it was a great chance for them to look at how things can change as well.

Busy Birds did an obstacle course this week as well, this was a great opportunity for them to practice moving in different ways and build up those important core muscles when trying to balance.


Pre-School have had a great week!

This week Pre-School had so much fun with Kassady pretending they were Drs in hospital. After one of the children hurt himself Kassady took the opportunity to build into some great role play fun and also encourage turn taking - of course this also lead to a rather funny moment with Kassady all bandaged up.

Pre-School have been following suit and getting into the Halloween spirit but with some super fun messy play! The children had a great time exploring the textures and practicing their best turn taking skills.