Busy Birds

Age 2-3 years

Our main goal in Busy Birds is to encourage an early understanding of independence and provide a safe space where little friendships can blossom and thrive.

Here in Busy Birds we like to encourage an interest in lots of different healthy foods which the children will make with adult supervision. We have a big focus on dental health which includes daily tooth brushing. This is made exciting with fun stories and songs about why we brush our teeth.

We do a rolling breakfast and tea which gives the children more independence to choose when they are ready to eat and ensures the children aren’t taken away from prime learning opportunities. Lunch is served all together and gives the children crucial conversation time with their peers.

We also encourage lots of fun physical activities including weekly ballet lessons. Miss Annabelle from Twirly Tots gets the children moving and dancing which they love!

We have access to lots of outdoor space which gives the children many opportunities to explore different environments and strengthen their physical development through outdoor activities.

Here in Busy Birds breakfast runs from 7.45-830

We then will venture outside where we will do some small, focused activities in the back garden

10.00 Busy Birds will come in and have a circle time where we will talk about what is happening for the rest of the day to help establish a sense of rountine and learning what is happening now and next

Then we will have nappy changes, toilet runs, tooth brushing and a little inside activity usually dancing followed by small group work where the children learn about turn taking, distinguishing their feelings and to form good solid bonds with their peers

Just before they go back outside the children will come in small groups to have a little fruit snack at 11

11-12 will be some free play in the garden where the team can really assess what the children are interested in and how their likes and dislikes have changed

12-12.30 is lunch time followed by quiet time and nap time for all the children who still sleep until about 2.30

2.30 - 5.30 the children will play in the garden having more activities focused and tailored to their interests and needs as well as a small afternoon snack at 3.30

5.30 all the children who haven't been collected will come inside for some stories and quiet time before home time.


Hi, I'm Jennie.

I am one of the Unit Leader's of Busy Birds. Click here to find out more about me!

Hi, I'm Melissa.

I am one of the Unit Leader's of Busy Birds. Click here to find out more about me!

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